FLY WildTurtle: "It's nice to show that I can still be good and make Finals after leaving TSM."

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FlyQuest has defeated Evil Geniuses 3-1 in the Semifinals of the 2020 League of Legends Championship Series Spring Playoffs, and will move on to the first Finals match in the organization's history against Cloud9. FLY has less than 24 hours to prepare for C9, but AD Carry Jason "WildTurtle" Tran took the time to have a brief conversation with Inven Global's Nick Geracie about defeating EG, the upcoming match against C9, and what this Finals appearance means in context of his career. 



I'm joined by WildTurtle, who is heading to the LCS Finals after a 3-1 win over Evil Geniuses. FlyQuest lost to EG by the same score only two weeks ago, so what did the team learn that resulted in getting the win today?


We learned that we could beat them! *Laughs* We learned a lot from that first series in terms of how they like to play and what advantages they had against us. After we figured that out, we knew exactly what we were doing against them, and in today's rematch, we showed it.



This is the first LCS Finals in the history of the FlyQuest organization. As someone who is associated with the org as a leader, does this road to the Finals seem a bit more special than the others in your career?


Yeah, this one definitely feels different. It's the first time I've made a final outside of playing for TSM. A lot of people said I would never make another final after leaving TSM. That was pretty hurtful. It's nice to show that I can still be good and make a Final after leaving TSM.



How do you feel your level of play has been this spring relative to other points of your career?


I think I definitely could have better in this series, but I think most of the decisions I made were pretty good and led to us getting advantages and whatnot. Overall, I've played pretty well.



FlyQuest plays Cloud9 tomorrow in the Finals. There's not a ton of time to prep, so how is your team feeling overall?


The feeling going into tomorrow is that we're just going to try to play our best. C9 is definitely still the favorite. I think they're a really good team. *Laughs* We're definitely going to have to try our best if we're going to stand a chance.




Being the underdog isn't new to FlyQuest at this point. Most didn't expect you to make the 2020 LCS Spring Playoffs at all, let alone the Finals. Is there anything you want to say to your doubters?


All I want to say is that we're just going to run it one more time and see what we can do against C9.

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