GEN Rascal: "I’d like to face and beat T1 in the finals since we’ve never won against them... I think they’re the best team."

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On the 15th (KST), Gen.G defeated kt Rolster 2-1 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split and headed straight to the finals. It was a very close match and KT nearly won, but as Gen.G mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s Azir landed a four-man ult, Gen.G was able to win the teamfight and eventually, the game. After the match, Bdd and Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee were interviewed.



You’re heading straight to the finals. How do you feel?


Rascal: Since it was such an important match, I was quite nervous. I feel really good. I hope we get even closer so that we can prepare for the finals well.


Bdd: Our performance was shaky so it was hard for us as a team and as an individual. I feel great since we’re heading to the finals by winning such a difficult match.

We heard that Ruler burst into tears since Gen.G reached the finals. How’s the team atmosphere?


Rascal: As soon as we won, Ruler burst into tears so I almost swelled up because of him. The coaching staff all were glad and seeing them so happy, I was moved as well.

Why do you think Ruler cried?


Rascal: Recently, Ruler had lost confidence. I think he was relieved that the team won. We always have faith in Ruler so I hope he recovers his confidence and shows awesome performances.

You gave up a penta kill to SoHwan in Game 1. Weren’t you anxious?


Bdd: When the game was turned around in Game 1, the shakiness from our recent performance to mind. We tried not to be shaken up from Game 2.

When KT substituted their players, did you think it’s a chance?


Bdd: We didn’t mind the substitutions. We just thought that we should do better what we didn’t do well in Game 1.

Rascal struggled against SoHwan. How was it?


Rascal: I’ve always liked and respected SoHwan. He did really well today.

Which team do you want to meet in the finals if you had a choice?


Rascal: I’d like to face and beat T1 in the finals since we’ve never won against them starting from KeSPA Cup. I think they’re the best team.


Bdd: I also think we weren’t ourselves only against T1. I’d like to meet them again in the finals and show our real performances.

A word to your head coach, Edgar, who led you to the finals?


Rascal: Edgar always says good things to us and gives us a positive vibe. Thank you for always caring for us so. I’ll do best and do well so let’s all go to the finals to win and to raise the trophy. I love you.

Any last comments?


Bdd: Our performance wasn’t exactly the best, but we’ve reached the finals now. Since we have some more time to practice, we’ll do our best to make improvements and show good performances in the finals.

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