DWG Canyon: "I told Nuguri that we’re taking Akali away from him."


On the 28th (KST), DAMWON Gaming defeated APK Prince 2-0 in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring Split. The first game was the longest game of the season with the most kills as well. Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu and Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee were voted as players of the games in the match and were interviewed afterward.



It’s the first POG for both of you this season. How do you feel?


Canyon: I feel good that I got the POG, but it’s regretful that the games went longer than expected.

It was the longest game of the season and the game with most kills this season. How was Game 1?


Canyon: Everyone was really calm compared to the numbers.

Was it planned to hit the Nexus using Taric’s ult?


Canyon: Before the teamfight started, Ghost said that we should hit the Nexus using Taric’s ult.

How’s the synergy with Ghost?


BeryL: It hasn’t been long since we’ve played together so we’re both doing our best. There are still many situations where we have split calls. I’m trying to follow his calls more since he’s the AD carry.

There were several “accidents” in top lane. Nuguri's Akali was solo killed twice. How did the team react?


BeryL: In the dragon fight, Akali went and made the opponent ADC use his Flash, so I thought he did well, but then, he went in and died. So I asked him to just collect the opponent’s aggro and survive. Anyways, it’s the top laner’s decision; it’s not up to me.


Canyon: I told Nuguri that we’re taking Akali away from him.

BeryL stopped Kai’Sa well in Game 2. Was that one of the main points?


BeryL: When playing against Leona, it’s good to play with Cleanse, but he didn’t. So I kept my eye on Kai’Sa and tried to keep her from dealing damage using Exhaust.

(To Canyon) There’s a thing called “sophomore jinx” in sports. It was a bit like that for you, but you did well today.


Canyon: It wasn’t bad today, but I don’t think my performance was perfect. I want to have more perfect performances. I’ll continue to do my best so I’d like to tell the fans not to worry too much.



Any last comments?


BeryL: We broke the 4-game losing streak through our win today against APK. We’ll do our best to make this into a winning streak so that we can reach the playoffs.

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