FunPlus rises to 3rd place with a 5-game winning streak

▲ Image source: Riot Games


FunPlus Phoenix is now in 3rd place.


In the online match of the 2020 League of Legends Pro League (LPL) Spring Split, FunPlus Phoenix defeated RNG 2-0 and succeeded to extend their winning streak to five. Game 1 was dominating. Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang again showed off his large champion pool by playing Aatrox which doesn’t appear often in mid lane recently. Lin “Lwx” Wei-xiang’s Miss Fortune also contributed to the team’s victory with explosive damage in teamfights.


Game 2 had difficult situations. FunPlus lost a few skirmishes in the early game and lost initiative, but their teamwork and synergy were better than thought. They continued to win teamfights and caught up with RNG by making correct decisions all the time. After stopping a Baron attempt by RNG, FunPlus was able to destroy RNG’s Nexus.


FunPlus started this season with a 2-game losing streak. Through today’s win, they’ve climbed up to 3rd place, tied with JD Gaming. Considering their recent performances, it wouldn’t be absurd to say that they can get back at the top. Meanwhile, Rogue Warriors shut out Victory Five 2-0 and Suning Gaming defeated LGD Gaming 2-1.

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