GEN Bdd: "Faker is the strongest in macro... Chovy plays more towards scaling... If I can have both, I can become the best player."


Gen.G Esports defeated Hanwha Life Esports on Wednesday (KST) in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split. It was a quick victory and Gen.G stepped up to 2nd place in the standings. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong had a splendid performance and was voted as the MVP in the second game where he played Azir.



You had a fantastic performance on Azir today. Looking back, you had many highlights on Azir. Are you more attached to Azir compared to other champions?


Not more particularly. Since he’s a champion I played from a long time ago, I’m more confident.

Do you have any tips to become good at Azir?


Azir has to use his auto attacks well. You have to pay extra attention to that and find the right timing to go in. Azir is a champion that needs a lot of play time to get better.

Bdd is always known as a player that’s very strong in laning. Last year, you had the most solo kills. What do you think about that?


I personally hate losing and I think there’s a limit to the players who are weak in laning. So I always practice towards that direction to be strong.

If you rank the laners in the LCK… Or are there players that are especially strong in the laning phase?


All players have champions that they’re strong with. I like players that play the game well more than those who have strong laning.

Then let’s change the question to this: can you give us three champion-player combinations that are really strong?


Rather than champions, I think Faker is the strongest in macro. He’s really good in that part so I’m learning a lot from him. In terms of the ability; I think everyone’s similar. I don’t think anyone’s significantly better than the others. 

Then does that mean you’re the best?


(Laughs) Not that. I think we’re all similar, including me. The best player would be the one who has the best synergy with his team.

You lost against T1 last time. There should be a lot of regrets.


Our team comp in game 1 was regretful and our performance wasn’t quite that good either. There’s a lot that we learn through losing, so I think losing isn’t always that bad. We’re practicing a lot through that experience.

What did you learn from losing against T1?


There are times we get too excited and we always think we win if we don’t make mistakes, but there were mistakes in that match. We learned not to make mistakes.  Also, T1’s good at macro so we learned a lot from that as well.

So are you trying to improve macro?


There are times we make mistakes in macro so we learn a lot.

Your next match is also important. You’ll be playing against DragonX and you’ll be laning against Chovy. What do you think of him?


I feel that Chovy is a player that plays more towards scaling than team movements. I think his strength is that.

Have you thought that his style is similar to your style?


I’m strong in laning but I think I pay attention more to helping the team. I think I’m a player that tries to help the team through winning in lane.

Wouldn’t Chovy think the same?


I felt that Chovy plays more towards scaling.

So Faker is macro and Chovy is scaling. Are you balanced out between them?


I’m trying to get more macro… If I absorb both strengths, it’s good so I’m learning a lot.

Do you think you have both their strengths?


I’m working hard so that I can. If I have both, I can become the best player, right? So I’m doing my best to do that.

Do you think you’ll be able to beat DragonX? How will you prepare?


DragonX is on a good streak. As I always say, I believe we can beat anybody if we don’t make any mistakes. We’ll be practicing to not make mistakes.

Are Gen.G’s scrim results good?


It’s not bad.

A word to the fans who are looking forward to the match against DragonX?


You should have worried about us because we lost to T1. Since we won today, we’ll have a good momentum towards the next match. Please cheer for us.

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