DRX Keria: "Deft balanced me out and taught me more about the game. Deft is my teacher."


DragonX sailed forward with a 4-game winning streak over Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea. As of today’s win, DragonX topped the leaderboard with a 4-0 record in the season. After the match, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok sat with Inven Global for an interview.


DragonX is running 1st. Do you feel good?


I thought we may be able to get a 3-game winning streak, but I thought it was about time that we lost. I feel good that we won today.

Why do you think DragonX is doing well?


We have many rookies in the team, but all the rookies are doing well. As for Chovy and Deft, they don’t need any mentioning; they’re really good.

By saying ‘rookies are doing well’ does that include you?


Yes. I’m doing the best.

How would you rate yourself in a scale of 10 on your own performance?


3? 4? If Deft and Chovy are doing all other things, I think Doran and Pyosik are doing as much as I do.

In the comms, you were seen making shotcalls. It’s kind of awkward that a rookie is giving shotcalls, but even so, your shotcalls were outstanding. Do you usually make a lot of shotcalls?


I’m quite good at analyzing the current situation. We all make shot calls, but in those situations, I speak quicker than the others. That might be why it seemed that I’m giving the orders.

What do you think is your biggest strength?


I have great mechanics, I’m decisive… I need to find my weakness, but I don’t know what it is.

Ruler said in his interview that he made his support, Kellin. Did you learn from Deft or were you good from the beginning?


I used to be very aggressive so I was kind of unbalanced. Deft balanced me out and taught me more about the game. Deft is my teacher. Deft’s personality is very mild so he never gives harsh feedback. He just speaks calmly so that I understand well.



I heard that there’s a player that starts pillow fights and plays like a child.


I don’t know about pillow fights. I use the same room as Deft so we don’t do that. I guess it’s probably one of the others, the upper half players. Usually, Chovy and Pyosik are the noisiest. Honestly, I’m noisy along with them as well.

The style of cvMax’s way of managing the team is famous for its uniqueness or harshness. How is it?


I haven’t had that direct feedback yet, but after seeing how he did to another player after Game 1, it felt that I would grit my teeth in order to do better if I had the same feedback. I haven’t had such feedback since my first scrim where I made a lot of mistakes because I was nervous.

What kind of support player do you want to be?


I want to become a support that uses the map fully like Mata or CoreJJ.

Among the LCK supports, how would you rank yourself?


I think I’m about 2nd or 3rd right now, but after a few months, I think I would become the best. If I just adapt to the LCK well, I believe I’ll be the best.

I heard that Deft and cvMax are planning to buy Tesla stocks.


I haven’t heard that yet since I’m too young. I don’t know anything even if I heard it. I’m only interested when they talk about LoL.

Why is it that you use the same room as Deft?


From last year, the rooms are divided by upper half and bottom.

How would you rate Deft as a roomate?


90 out of 100. It’s kind of scary since he grinds his teeth while he sleeps. It’s a sound that I’ve never heard of.

DragonX is doing quite well. Which games of the remaining are you the most concerned about?


Our next games are against T1 and Gen.G. I originally thought that T1 and Gen.G are difficult and fun to play against.

Lastly, a word to the fans?


Despite the worries, I’m happy that we were able to have a 4-game winning streak. We won’t get arrogant and keep showing good performances. Please keep cheering for us.


Just a wondering, why did you name yourself Keria?


There’s no specific meaning. After I hit Challengers during middle school, I wanted to get a cool English nickname, so I sat at a PC bang for an hour figuring out a good one and I ended up with Keria.

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