[UPDATED 12/22] T1 CEO proposes revival of English broadcast for KeSPA Cup 2019

▲ photo by Colin Young-Wolff for Riot Games


This is the first year in the KeSPA Cup's five year existence that an English broadcast will not be aired alongside the native broadcast in South Korea, and T1 Esports CEO Joe Marsh is having none of it. Marsh tweeted about the importance of an English broadcast for this year's KeSPa Cup, and put his money where his mouth is by assuring both SK Telecom T1 and fellow LCK organization Gen.G were ready and willing to share the costs of airing the separate production for English-speaking viewers. 


Marsh tagged KeSPA in a series of tweets stressing the importance of the English broadcast for the 2019 KeSPA Cup, including the talented LCK casters who have provided the guiding voice for South Korea's premier domestic league, as well as KeSPA Cup and other similar off-season events:


"Hey KeSPA, we need the English stream for the KeSPA Cup. Global fans need to hear from [LCK Play-by-Play Caster] Max "Atlus" Anderson, [LCK Color Caster] Nick "LS" De Cesare, and [LCK Play-by-Play Caster] Brendon "Valdes" Valdes. We are a global league and should be reaching out to all fans. Let's start the 2020 season the proper way."





Since 2015, the KeSPA Cup has featured a 20-team bracket at the end of the year featuring the ten teams from the LCK and the ten teams from the Korean Challenger League. As LCK teams, both SKT and Gen.G are participating in the off-season tournament.


While both talent and fans alike voiced appreciation for T1 and Gen.G's proctivity, KeSPA has not made any public response or announcement regarding the suggestion or the potential of an English broadcast being back in the cards. That's not going to stop Marsh from continuing to try, however.




Should Marsh's efforts succeed, it would directly benefit his team and organization, but the points he raises about the importance of the English cast to the global development of the LCK fanbase, are inarguable. Fans can only hope KeSPA sees it the same way.


UPDATE 12/22: 


Before the event began, 2019 KeSPA Cup decided to have an English broadcast after all. Atlus, Valdes, and former LCK caster Seth "Achilios" are castin the event for the Western audience on KeSPA's English Youtube Channel.


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