Upcoming VALORANT pro, ardiis, reportedly has name cleared by Riot Games, not found to be cheating or match fixing

Sova art by Suke, principal artist for Riot Games


Last week, Ardis "ardiis" Svarenieks was accused of purchasing a cheat and attempting to match fix in VALORANT after an incredible run through mutliple tournaments that culminated in him beginning the process to sign with G2 Esports. A recent report by 1pv claims that ardiis has been investigated and cleared of all accusations by Riot Games.


Ardiis was first accused of cheating on June 15th, and he responded one day later in a TwitLonger, denying all accusations. Shortly thereafter, Su Collins spoke with Inven Global's Parkes Ousley about the implications these accusations could have on his career. After a rough time in the CS:GO scene, he was finally making a breakthrough in his career, these allegations could not have come at a worse time. Since then, Collins has followed up with ardiis, releasing a piece with him here.




1pv reports that in a recent conversation with ardiis, he explained that he had been cleared by Riot Games from all accusations against him. 


"I am delighted to announce that the allegations against me have been proven FALSE after RIOT have conducted a full investigation. I am not sure exactly what they investigated, however, they did say that they looked into every accusation and found no wrong-doing on my part. Thank you to everyone who has supported me. I am now fully focused on developing as a player and cannot wait to compete at the highest level."


There has been no official statement from Riot Games, the VALORANT team, nor G2 Esports. Ardiis did play in G2's most recent invitational last weekend, however, which was the first official Ignition Series tournament, Riot's early establishment of the VALORANT competitive scene. Ardiis sat out on Sunday's matches due to a disruption in his service caused by DDoS problems, but his team made it to the Semifinals, losing to Team Mixwell who went on to win the event. 


Inven Global will continue to update the story upon further information or a confirmation from Riot Games.



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