VALORANT launches today, but with no competitive mode

Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games is fully launching their first character-based shooter titled VALORANT today. The Closed Beta phase came to an end just three days before the game’s complete release, with exciting announcements happening while servers were offline, including a brand new character to be playable in the latest version of the title.


VALORANT will be going live at different times depending on your region, but the whole world is getting access to the game today, on June 2nd. With the paced release, servers are less likely to be overwhelmed with the influx of players logging on to go pew pew.


Launching on PC only, VALORANT will be live in North, South, and Latin America at 8 am EST. In the Asian-Pacific region, including South Korea and Japan, at 8 am local time. Following comes the European region and the Middle East, launching at 6 am local time. 


The full version of the game will include a full new map, a new agent, Reyna, and a new game mode. Not much information has been released on the agent’s abilities, or in the new map’s properties, but data miners have found assets that indicate the new map takes place in Venice, Italy, and one of our staff writers attempted to decode what Reyna’s abilities are all about.


Image Source: Riot Games


The competitive mode will not be available at the game’s launch. Riot Games has stated that “Similar to our closed beta launch, our initial focus is making sure our service is stable before activating competitive matchmaking. This is also a way to give new players the same courtesy that closed beta players had to learn the game ahead of turning on Competitive”. The developers will also be making adjustments to the mode, based on player feedback during the beta testing phase.


Riot Games has not specified when the Competitive mode will be back online, but they have stated that “Our plan is to turn on Competitive a few patches into our launch”.



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