New VALORANT Agent, Reyna, has unique abilities, bringing another heal to the game

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


VALORANT is officially out of Closed Beta, launching globally on June 2nd. Riot Games announced that a new agent, map, and game mode would be made available at launch, and has now teased Reyna who carries the motto, "Desafía los límites," or "Defy the limits."




In the teaser clip, not much information is given about the agent's abilities, but there a few things we can infer. Reyna seems to use dead enemies to power up, and likely has a shared resource bar for both her W and E ability. The W looks like a self heal, and the E a combat stim. In the video, after she got her first kill, she extended her arms at her slain enemy and grabbed at the air, losing one bar from her E.



Her C ability throws an orb forward, and somehow interacts with her enemies, though it's not clear how (though it clearly places a purple shroud over one enemy's face, meaning it may mimic that of Omen's Paranoia).



Finally, her ultimate is named Empress. While the ultimate bar doesn't deplete in the video, as it does when every other agent uses their ultimate ability, it's possible her ult is like Jett's that continues/refreshes with kills and the indicator at the bottom stays full until her ultimate runs out (to keep from gaining ultimate points while powered up). 



Partway through the clip, both Reyna's W (self heal) and E (combat stim) are turned on simultaneously, neither depleting any of her W/E resource bars, and has a countdown indicator that refreshes on killing an enemy. The video was cut off on the side, but it may say "Kill to refresh." (Please note, these are speculations based off video footage, actual skills may be different.)



Riot Games also promised a new map, and while Reyna is seen fighting in a location other than Haven, Bind, or Split, her battlezone resembles that of the spike plant/defuse tutorial area. That area does have two spike zones, so it may be the new playable map, but it also may just be used here to show off the agent without giving away the new map's features. Either way, look out for more teasers - for Reyna, the new map, and mysterious game mode - as we approach the game's launch on Tuesday. 




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