A mysterious portal appeared in VALORANT and a new map could be on the way

Image Source: Reddit


A portal has been spotted near the Clock Tower, in the training grounds. It has not yet been revealed where it leads you, but just last month, a data miner had made a thread on Reddit showing assets found in the game, featuring a potentially new map. From the map layout and the visual assets ripped from the game, it seems like the setting will be in Venice, Italy. 


I have been doing some data mining and I have found some information on the new map code-named "Ascent". I've learned that it takes place in Italy, as there is a lot of Italian writing on the textures (3). I think it is in Venice because some of the textures reference a canal.” said UlfricTheThird.




Redditor Mad_King_Raz has posted a video clip featuring the phenomena: “So I posted about the portal yesterday, then this stuff shows up today around the clock tower. I don't think it has anything to do with a new agent anymore. I think the new Venice map is going to be made out of a fixed up range map. Like going back in time to when it wasn't broken.”


Explained by BloodyThumbtack, the substance shown in the portal is “Radianite”, the main power source of VALORANT’s world, surging in the First Light event. The element is used in a similar fashion to Black Panther’s Vibranium, powering the Spike, Radiant and Ultimate abilities, teleporters, and every “abnormal” power or technology portrayed in the game. 



Youtube channel PlayerIGN analyses information on the future VALORANT maps, including Ascent, the supposed Venitian map.



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