Blizzard reveals Sausage Man & Leek, new Pachimaris, and their Hanzo statue at Anime Expo '18

While Anime Expo’s namesake clearly defines anime as its primary focus, there is still a very large gaming presence.  And while multiple game developers were on-site, it was Blizzard Entertainment that stood out the most. Upon entering the Entertainment Hall, you are immediately met by the Blizzard Entertainment Booth.  

Merchandise from all of their franchises were available, but Overwatch was clearly the most popular.


Walking around to the back of the booth, I found three Gashapon machines:


You pay one dollar for a token which is used for the Gashapon machine, and it dispenses one of many Gashapon toys, such as the following:

▲ Kharazim (Diablo III), Sgt. Hammer (StarCraft), Tavern Mouse (Hearthstone)


A staffer informed me that their Hanzo statue was making its first debut here at Anime Expo 2018.  Since I was here at AX for Day 0, it meant I was face-to-face with the statue just one day before the official online reveal.


I was also informed that six new Pachimari designs were making their first appearance here at AX:

▲ At the time of writing, these are not yet available in the Blizzard online store.


Overwatch Payload Tour

Right next to the Blizzard booth is the Overwatch Payload Tour.  Since it's set up for Thursday-Sunday and I arrived on Wednesday (Day 0), I was able to get a clean look at the setup before it got overcrowded.

▲ As you stand on the rotating platform, the background is added via green screen behind you.


Of course, the lines were full of attendees the very next day, with faster access available to Overwatch cosplayers & Media.


Sausage Man & Leek

Keen Overwatch players are familiar with the "Leek" in-game spray.  But Blizzard has never provided any explanation or explored it further... until now.


Excited at the prospect of new Overwatch lore behind Sausage Man, I asked a staffer for more details on Sausage Man, to which I was met with a reply that only led to more questions:

“Allegedly, Sausage Man is filled with Pachimaris.”

And unfortunately, they weren't able to answer further.  Whether we'll learn more about Sausage Man & Leek at the next Overwatch Payload Tour stop, or even the next Anime Expo, only time will tell.

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