Overwatch 2 Sojourn update reveals hero abilities


Overwatch 2 developers recently dropped a Sojourn update that officially discussed the new hero's moveset and lore. 


Judging by the video, Sojourn isn't much different from what dataminers and leakers have already revealed. She is a damage hero that uses a Railgun to deal massive damage. The Railgun has a primary shot with rapid-fire projectiles that build up weapon energy and an alternate fire that has Sojourn shooting a single high-damage beam once the Railgun is fully charged. 



One of Sojourn's abilities is a Power Slide that lets her slide in any direction while still firing her weapon. The slide can be canceled, allowing Sojourn to do a vertical high jump. Her other ability is Disruptor Shot, creating an energy field that slows and damages enemies within it. 


Sojourn's ultimate is called Overclock. Her Railgun auto-charges itself for a period of time, allowing the soldier to fire off multiple high-powered shots in a row. 


While Overwatch fans were happy to finally get more information on Sojourn before the Overwatch 2 Beta launch on April 26, the majority of the community was even more excited about the style video. The Developer Update was seen as candid and informative, a breath of fresh air after feeling left in the dark as Overwatch 2 kept getting delayed. 


The two developers in the video, especially Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer, were also welcomed with open arms by the community. They seemed less polished and genuinely passionate about Overwatch 2 instead of PR-prepared developers spouting lines from a script. 


While Overwatch lost a huge chunk of its fanbase due to Blizzard's ongoing legal issues and the company's mishandling of Overwatch 2 throughout, it seemed like this was a step in the right direction. If the team keeps releasing short, informative videos consistently, the Overwatch fanbase may return. 

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