Sojourn backstory released ahead of Overwatch 2 Beta

Source: Overwatch Twitter


Overwatch has officially revealed Sojourn's origin story in a short video released to Twitter. 


Sojourn is the highly anticipated hero coming to Overwatch 2. So far, she's the only confirmed addition to the roster after Echo's release in April of 2020. While some hints about her identity have been shared throughout Overwatch's content the past few years, this is the first official look at Sojourn's role in the Overwatch universe. 


In the video, the International Justice Commission calls on Vivian Chase, aka Sojourn, to explain how she joined Overwatch. Sojourn responds that her community-focused special forces team joined Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis, leading her to work closely with Soldier 76. After the war, he reached out to Sojourn once again. 


Source: Overwatch Twitter


Sojourn is asked what her duties were while part of Overwatch. She replies that she did "whatever was needed." At some points, this was being out in the front of all the danger and other times she commanded operations. 


"No matter what their mission was, mine was to bring every last one of them home," Sojourn added. 


Sojourn was "given the impossible" every day but it was still her honor to serve in Overwatch. Despite loving Overwatch with all her heart, she knew it was time to say goodbye. 


Using an age-old metaphor, Sojourn reflected: "Even the best journeys end. But a new one is right around the corner. And you never know where that road is going to take you." 



The Overwatch community responded with a lot of love for Sojourn. Her strong personality and bold design have made her a fan-favorite already. Many voiced praise for Sojourn and shared their own fan art of the hero, with Boston Uprising even getting a bit cheeky. 



But others were not impressed with Overwatch's short lore video. Many felt it didn't go as in-depth as videos in the past and felt they still didn't know much about Sojourn beyond the basics. One person even questioned her four robotic limbs, although some Overwatch fans noted that having a technologically advanced body part with no explanation is nothing new for other heroes. 


The Overwatch Beta is coming soon, which means Overwatch players will finally be able to test out Sojourn themselves. Some insiders have already played Sojourn in the Alpha, leaking that she is quite overpowered. In response, developers hinted that some balance changes were coming before the Beta. 

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