GEN Score: "Although I’d be thrilled if we can secure 2nd place, improving our performance comes first."


On Mar. 9, in the 2023 LCK Spring Split, Gen.G swept Liiv SANDBOX 2-0 and collected their 11th victory of the season. With the win, Gen.G took a step up in the standings, getting a slight advantage in the race for 2nd place. After the match, head coach Go “Score” Dong-bin and support Yoo “Delight” Hwan-joong joined the media for an interview.



Congrats on today’s win. How do you feel?


Score: I’m very happy that we won. The concept of our drafts in games 1 and 2 was different today, and we played the concepts properly to win the game, which was very positive for us.


Delight: We played well according to our concepts to win 2-0, so I’m happy.


You’ve collected your 11th win first among the teams competing for 2nd place. What are your thoughts?


Score: We’re close to the end of round 2, so the playoffs are just around the corner. Although I’d be thrilled if we can secure 2nd place, improving our performance comes first, so that’s our main focus.


Delight: It would be great if we could finish the season in 2nd place, but as Score said, there are many more games to play, so we need to focus more on our performance.


(To Delight) The bot duo’s performance seems to have improved much. What has improved the most since the start of the season?


Delight: I’ve been talking a lot with Peyz, and with Peanut as well. Since our communication got much better, we’re able to snowball much better than before.


(To Delight) You had a great performance in game 1. It seems that you could have been voted as POG, but Peyz got it. What are your thoughts?


Delight: I also thought I played well, so I thought maybe, but Peyz got it. Still, if the bot laner got voted POG, I believe I have a share in it too, and I’m happy with it.


(To Delight) How did you evaluate Peyz before he joined? How do you evaluate him now?


Delight: When I was a trainee, the scout said they found a gem. When I saw him play, I also thought he was a great player. After playing with him for a while, he has great mechanics and improves really fast, so he’s a great player.


(To Delight) You’ve been playing tank supports recently, and it seems to suit you better.


Delight: I do prefer tank supports, and there are matchups that I’m confident in. As for utility support champions, there are areas that I’m good at, and not so good at. In that regard, I do agree that playing tank champions is better for me.


Any last comments?


Score: Our next match is against Kwangdong Freecs, and I know they’re a much better team compared to their results. We’ll prepare thinking that they’re one of the favorites.


Delight: There are three matches to go in the regular season. We’ll prepare well so that we can win them all.



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