Trust in Starcraft 2! Sights from the last day of WESG 2017 APAC Final!



On the 14th sunny day in China Qingdao Zhaozhou Gymnasium, the long-awaited final matches of WESG APAC Final were held.

The WESG APAC Final, which was held with four games such as StarCraft 2, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS: GO, is finally coming to an end. Which country will be the final winner of each game? I took a brief picture of the last day of the WESG APAC Final, so let's check it out.

▲ From the early morning, 

▲ The matches are continued.

▲ "Maru-!"

▲ "Fighting!" "..."

▲ "Fighting...;("

▲ but...

▲ At last, 'Classic' goes to the final stage.

▲ MAZEN become a winner of Hearthstone.

▲ MVP PK prepares the final match

▲ 'Dark' is also in front of the door of final stage.

▲ Compete with the 'TIME' in China

▲ Finally, 'Dark' goes to the final and will fight with 'Classic'.

▲ Team 'ORDER' is fighting with MVP PK now.

▲ The competition is getting fierce...

▲ Finally, 'ORDER' wins the match, become a winner of CG:GO.

▲ Yes, they look bored...

▲ 'China versus China' match being held.

▲ 'I want this car...'

▲ 'Rock.Y' team wins the Dota2 final match.

▲ The true final match is Starcraft2, 'Classic' vs. 'Dark'.

▲ The final fight is on fire...

▲ ... And 'Classic' wins 'Dark' by 3:1!

▲ This is the end of the 4th day of WESG APAC Final. See you later!


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