Hitmarker partners with Esports College & Career Pathways

Source: EsportsCCP


The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release. 



Hitmarker, the largest esports & video game job platform in the world, and Esports College & Career Pathways (EsportsCCP), an international esports organization, have partnered up to provide valuable data insights into the esports & video game job market.


Hitmarker is the home of gaming and esports jobs, with a large pool of industry opportunities being posted every month and tens of thousands of candidates regularly using the platform to find employment opportunities. Hitmarker will be providing Esports CCP data from their website. EsportsCCP provides data analytics to determine key insights into the job market.


Richard Huggan, Hitmarker’s Managing Director, commented:


“Ours is a very unique set of data in the esports and video game industry. We believe it can be highly educational to people both inside and outside of the industry. We’re really excited to work with an objective third party to investigate and present our data externally for the first time. We hope the data provides a lot of value to the community and helps to inform people’s career progression."


With a growing interest in esports and video gaming, there are many people looking to grow professionally in these markets. However, since this is a relatively new area, there’s not a lot of information to use as a reference for people looking to enter the gaming or esports space.


In an upcoming partnership, Esports College & Career Pathways (EsportsCCP) and Hitmarker will come together to form a more accurate picture of the esports and gaming industry by publishing case studies.


Founder of EsportsCCP, Katherine Amoukhteh says:


“We [EsportsCCP] are dedicated to supporting gamers who want to pursue their dreams in either college or career. The ultimate goal for everyone in this space is for each and every gamer to find their passion in this industry. To this end, we would like to provide relevant timely industry data on the current job market so that gamers can make an informed decision.”


The first case study will be published on June 14, 2021. For recent college graduates, it will provide what jobs are available at the entry-level. It is already during their studies that students will help determine their future profession. Lack of time is the main problem of modern people. That is why the consumer uses essay writing services and other resources in terms of essay title generator. As of March 31st, 2021, Hitmarker’s data shows that only 5% of listings are categorized as entry-level. Within these listings, the area of study focuses on highly technical degrees such as software engineering, graphic design, or business. EsportsCCP and Hitmarker’s collaboration will showcase the information that is hidden from these graduates until they start their job search. Having this information readily available, it would allow students and recent graduates to be able to plan out their careers using information that is relevant to them and the current job market.


Through this collaboration, Hitmarker and EsportsCCP will be helping those looking to enter the gaming and esports industry. In this upcoming and future case studies, Hitmarker and EsportsCCP will reveal more insights into this blossoming industry, so that more professionals will be able to succeed in their careers.

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