Dr. Kristopher Alexander is streaming Introduction to Game Design lectures via Twitch

Image Source: Dr. Kristopher Alexander


Dr. Kristopher Alexander, assistant professor at the RTA School of Media is tackling esports and gaming education with a new approach during the COVID-19 pandemic. Alexander is streaming lectures via his Twitch channel to introduce people to game design with an in-depth, hands-on approach previously only available for students attending FCAD at Ryerson University.

In his most recent lecture, Alexander broke down the basics of game design from the perspective of the developer while also touching on how development relates to other facets of the gaming and esports industries before deep-diving into Persuasion Game Design. Persuasion Game Design aims to create a user experienced game world to change user behavior in the real world.



In addition to being choc-full of valuable information, Alexander's stream features production value in the form of partial green screens to show slides and clips during lectures, as well as developmental procedures shown in real-time through a stream-style overlay.


Dr. Kristopher Alexander's expertise in the field is robust and nuanced, and recently, he brought that expertise to the 2020 Inven Global Esports and Academia Summit as a panelist in August.

Last month, Alexander spearheaded a partnership with Inven Global for FCAD at Ryerson University dedicated to bridging the gap between the video games industry and academia.

While Alexander has only streamed a couple of lectures thus far, the past broadcasts are still available for viewing on his Twitch channel. Regardless of educational pursuit or specific career path, anyone interested in game design or development in some capacity would heavily benefit from these completely free lectures and should take advantage of this opportunity. Dr. Kristopher Alexander's Twitch channel can be found at Twitch.tv/videogamesprof.



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