FCAD at Ryerson University forms esports partnership with Inven Global


Kristopher Alexander, assistant professor at the RTA School of Media and video games and esports infrastructure expert, leads faculty major partnership with veterans in esports and video game focused journalism, Inven Global. As a leading expert in XR technology, game development and virtual studio production, Alexander joins Inven Global as a preeminent thought leader and research partner bridging the gap between the video games industry and academia.

Industry solutions and product development, curricular integration, and advocacy and public dissemination are all key pillars of Alexander’s work, which also intersect with the interests and objectives of Inven Global. In recognition of these synergies, FCAD and Inven Global have established a long-term, mutually beneficial framework to leverage opportunities and benefits for both organizations and advance the global esports industry.

"FCAD is pleased to announce its partnership with Inven Global. As the academic leader in the creative fields, we are inspired by the job Inven Global has done in establishing itself as the world's leading esports journalism organization,” says Charles Falzon, Dean, Faculty of Communication and Design.

“Most impressive is the connection Inven Global has created with the gaming community, acting as a trusted source to gamers worldwide and connecting industry partners to one another and their audiences. It is a perfect match with the research portfolio and academic programs that are continuing to grow at FCAD."


Global connections


In its fifth year of operation, Inven Global is a profitable esports company and journalism site located in Los Angeles, California. With strong roots in South Korea, the global headquarters of competitive gaming culture, Inven Global acts as the bridge that connects esports leaders and organizations around the world.

Offering esports consultation, event planning, and game promotions to worldwide partners, Inven Global is at the forefront of the lucrative and burgeoning esports industry. FCAD’s partnership with Inven Global will explore the potential of student exchange and engagement activities between Toronto and South Korea, as well as placement and internship opportunities and other forms of work-integrated learning opportunities for Ryerson students.

“What we’re looking at specifically is research, operations, advocacy and dissemination,” says Alexander. “When we’re talking about research, we have to look at how we can substantiate and legitimize the video games industry and esports industries via academic publication.”


IGEAS 2020


To mark the launch of this new partnership, Alexander participated as a special guest speaker at Inven Global Esports and Academia Summit (IGEAS) from September 17 to 20 — a virtual networking event for the collegiate esports industry.


The four-day summit welcomed students, educators, esports professionals, and academic administrators for a series of virtual networking, panels, and tournaments.


The future of SRC in esports and gaming


The Conduit (working title), a new lab being developed by Alexander and his assistant Geoffrey Lachapelle (RTA School of Media ‘15) will address research and academic-related queries from game developer organizations and other esports and gaming entities.

FCAD’s partnership with Inven Global will also be leveraged to pursue joint research applications and grant opportunities that support and advance the activities of both partners. In partnering with a leading global company in esports journalism, FCAD is building on its legacy as a disruptor in higher education. This new partnership with Inven Global will bridge the gap between esports and academia and advance the potential of esports and gaming in diverse and multifaceted outcomes.


FCAD at Ryerson University


Entering its eighth decade, FCAD is a global centre of media and creative invention. As a disrupter in innovative education, FCAD is dedicated to developing creators with authentic voices who engage directly with creative industries around the world.

With 23 undergraduate and graduate programs that are shaping the future of their fields and tight-knit partnerships around the world, FCAD offers more opportunities to educate the next generation of creative leaders than anywhere else.



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