Wemade Begins Events Celebrating 100th Day Of NIGHT CROWS

The Following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


The global version of 'NIGHT CROWS', the blockbuster MMORPG published by Wemade and developed by MADNGINE, began holding "The Leap for the 100th Flight" events in celebration of the 100th day since launch on June 11th.


On June 19th, it will be the 100th day since the launch of the global version of 'NIGHT CROWS'. To show appreciation for the great support the game has received, it will begin holding special "Clemens' Invitation" check-in events from June 11th every week for three weeks. By logging in to the game every day, users will be able to get various types of rewards such as buff effects that increase character growth rate, weapon style and mount summons, and "Seal of Advancement".


From June 11th, the "Saint's Holy Grail" collection event will be held until July 9th. Users will be able to craft event armor using "Holy Flame of 100 Days" obtained from field maps for level 36 or higher, and battlefront maps for level 40 or higher. Registering the crafted items in the collection menu will increase stats such as defense and damage reduction.


And from June 18th to July 15th, the "100-day Celebration Check-in" event will be held. Users who complete the 14th check-in will receive "Clemens' Coupon" which will let them retry combining weapon styles and mounts. The list of gifts also includes the "100-day Commemoration Balloon" glider, which will grant extra EXP and be available for a limited time only.


The "100-day Commemoration Dungeon" will be available from June 18th to July 2nd. Users will be able to obtain special "Feather of Ascension" items in the event dungeon and use them to craft items needed for growth of their characters, such as "Frozen Tear" and "Higher Seal of Advancement".


Detailed information on 100-day events can be found on the special global 'NIGHT CROWS' webpage.

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