Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M Updates New Growth System "Transcendence"

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


Wemade’s MMORPG MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond (hereinafter "MIR M"), updated new growth system "Transcendence" on November 28th.


Transcendence is a growth system available to users that have reached character level 48, consisting of five stages - Eminence, Zenith, Illumination, Ascension, and Apotheosis. After reaching the maximum level for each stage by collecting "Transcendental Energy" from hunting monsters, users must obtain the relevant main materials and complete certain quests to Procession to the next stage. The higher the stage, the more contents are unlocked, more buffs that boost stats are applied.


MIR M unveiled "Divine Entity," new gear for growth that can be used for Transcendence Procession. When Divine Entity levels are increased using "Divine Entity Spirit Stone," "Red Lotus Stone," and "Dragonsoul Mystic Steel," various buff effects such as CRIT Chance and MP Boost are applied. When users own two or more Divine Entity at or above a certain level, additional buff effects called "Resonance" will be activated to give extra boosts to stats like Max Destruction and HP.


MIR M will be hosting the "Mystic 7 Days Check-in event" until December 25th. "Event Mandala Selection Chest," "Event Superior Summoning Ticket Selection Chest," and more will be given depending on the days of attendance. The "Accumulated Login Rewards" event will give rewards including "Limited Refining Great Success Potion" and "Limited Transcendental Energy Growth Draught" for cumulative login times until December 11th.


The "Challenge: Raid Expert" event will be available until December 26th. Rewards including "Event Superior Protection Dragonsoul Stone Chest" and "Event Red Lotus Stone Chest" can be obtained by completing various achievements in Party Dungeon. "New and Returning Dragonians Are Always Welcome," an event for new and returning users, will also be held during the same period. Through this event, users can get "Level Achievement Chest" containing "Growth Draught" and "Dragon Orb," and "Event Returning Dragonian's Token."


In addition, "300 Days Celebration Divine Dragon’s Surprise Shop" where "Event Returned Treasure Gathering Material Chest" can be purchased using Coins, Ancient Coins, or Forsaken Pieces, will be held until December 12th.


More information on MIR M is available on the official website. 

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