BLG Yagao: "The most memorable moment at this MSI was when we eliminated all the LCK teams."


On May 21, in the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational, JD Gaming defeated Bilibili Gaming 3-1 and claimed their first-ever international championship. Bilibili Gaming had a great run, defeating G2 Esports, Gen.G, and T1 from the loser’s bracket after their 0-3 loss to JDG, but they were just simply too strong for them. It was their 4th loss against JDG in a best-of series already. After the match, the members of BLG joined the media for a press conference.



(To Tabe) You’ve reached here with a miracle run, and finished as the runner-up. How do you feel?


Tabe: All the matches were good except for today. However, since we all desperately wanted to win the championship, I don’t feel very good.


(To Tabe) Why do you think you lost today?


Tabe: Today’s problem was the draft. Except for the game we won, there was a problem in the draft. It went the same way in the spring finals. If we meet JDG again, we must solve the draft problem.


(To Elk) How did you get to pick Vayne? Also, you said in a previous interview that you wanted to raise your form, and it seems you did. What do you think?


Elk: The reason I picked Vayne was that they took Sion and Sejuani. Against that comp, I thought it was alright to pick Vayne. Over this MSI, my mentality got much better, and I became more stable as we played. There are regrets, though, like how we missed the championship today. I still want to compliment my teammates for doing such hard work up to now.


(To Bin) You engraved your unique playstyle in global fans’ brains. What are your takeaways from this MSI?


Bin: Overall, this MSI journey was beautiful. We only lost to JDG and beat everyone else. We can face JDG again back in the LPL, so it’s alright. My biggest takeaway is that my mentality got better. Also, although we didn’t win the championship, I’m grateful for the process of getting here. I’d like to thank my teammates.


(To Tabe) What was the most difficult about the draft?


Tabe: I found out the importance of Jayce after we lost.



(To Yagao) You’ve competed with knight for a long time in the LPL. A word to him? What was the most memorable moment of this MSI?


Yagao: I’d like to congratulate knight for winning the championship. The most memorable moment at this MSI was when we eliminated all the LCK teams.


(To Tabe) You lost the finals, but do you have some pride in what you had to accomplish at this tournament?


Tabe: Definitely, we have accomplished something. We eliminated two LCK teams. I believe there is no other LPL team that did this. I’m quite proud of this. We didn’t manage to win the championship, but I feel the general performance was good since we put our full effort into the game.


(To Yagao) I know that you and knight are close. Is it less bad to lose to a friend?


Yagao: To be honest, in that losing moment, I felt sad and regret, but now I feel okay, because at least LPL got the MSI trophy. Also, knight and I are from Pingxiang, and Pingxiang got the trophy.


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