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Wagon Registration: Farm WagonRegistration
Weight: 0.01 LT
Explanation : Proof of ownership of a <Farm Wagon>, allowing you to access it at a Stable.
- Inventory Slot(s): 14, Acceleration: 100%, Speed: 100%, Turn: 100%, Braking: 100%
It can be used after reaching Lv.8.

※ Using a Wagon License
1. Right-click the Wagon License and move to the designated Stable.
2. Talk to the Stable Keeper and select the Stable menu.
3. Click on the Register Emblem menu and right-click on the Wagon License.
4. Enter the Wagon’s name and select Confirm to register the Wagon.
5. Select the registered Wagon and click on the Find menu.
Tax rate applied articlePrice : 10,000 S




Craft Wagon Horse, Maple Plywood, Iron Ingot, Fox Hide, Black Stone Powder
BuyGabril, Breesman, Dimanthor, Ashrogue, Romary, Partus, Herar, Fanucci, Lorenzo Murray, Bevel, Spig, Samier, Meisha, Muam Mant, Tanzine, Yaska, Nidgoveh, Nassr, Vatonee, Bochlo, Gula, Melson Bandor, Bial Nasser, Quichiu, Eugene, Larina, Batirma, Kadram, Izaro, Allan, Chiara Coop, Vanacil

Craft Info Life > Wagon Workshop > Wagon Registration: Farm Wagon

Wagon Registration: Farm Wagon
Wagon Horse
Maple Plywood
Maple Plank
Maple Timber
Iron Ingot
Melted Iron Shard
Iron Ore
Fox Hide
Black Stone Powder
Rough Stone

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