Oriental armor and hooded cloak! New Costume for Musa added in KR

A new costume set for the Musa, the Gui-Ik-Sung costume set, has been added in Black Desert Online KR. The costume set is composed of a helmet and armor that contains gloves and shoes as well; the set does not include any skins for weapons.

The costume is a white hooded cloak with metal armor pieces on it. The armor pieces look like a traditional oriental soldier outfit, and the white hooded cloak looks like an assassin’s costume from Assassin’s Creed.

The helmet is a white hairband with bright red lines, and bird-shaped metal pieces are on the Musa’s shoulder and knee.



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    level 1 JMacmanaman

    Wow, that look soooo nice, good job!
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    level 1 OpieOP

    actually looks cool as hell

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