The Goddess with Golden Chain and Dual Blades! Lahn’s Kibelius Costume added in KR

The Lahn now has the Kibelius Costume set and the Le Vladian Underwear set in Black Desert Online KR. The Kibelius Costume set contains an Awakening weapon skin, and the Lahn will have two versions of the Kibelius Costume Set: Type A (with wings) and Type B (without wings). The Kibelius Costume set has three options: Premium, Classic, and Awakening.

The design of the costume is the same as that of the other classes. The Lahn’s pre-awakening and awakening weapons are in a bright gold color and have wing patterns printed on them. The chains that are attached to her awakening weapon are also gold.



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    level 1 ShimrraFiril

    Awakening weapons *o* <3

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    level 1 Suyino

    I think it's messed up they make a not so good class look so good T^T

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    level 1 James_Huang

    Is it possible to have this Lahn template used here? I really love this one. my email is thank you very much:D

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    level 1 Soo_Mi

    Will the wings be ever released in NA servers?

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