KR Reactions - How the Bonus AP/DR based on GS affects PvP in KR

Black Desert Online KR went through some big changes last week. The characters will not get bonus AP and bonus DR, and these stats increase at a larger scale as your character gets stronger.

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There were many changes for PvE, but the most significant changes happened with PvP. The preliminaries for Arena of Arsha KR were held last Saturday, and it was a good chance to observe how the changes affected PvP.

This article will consist of how the changes affected PvP in general and how each class was affected by the changes (based on their performances in Arena of Arsha), along with KR players’ comments on what they think about the changes.


▲ How did the bonus AP/DR affect PvP?


Among the changes that were implemented last week, bonus AP and bonus DR affected PvP the most. A new stat called Renown Score, which is determined by [(Main AP+Awakening AP)/2]+DP, will give additional AP and DR based on the score.

The bonus stats are not negligible. A character with the typical end-game gear setting, TET Boss Weapons/Armors and TRI Yellow Accessories, will have 251 AP, 253 Awakening AP, and 283 DP. The Renown Score will be about 535 with this GS, and the bonus stats will be 20 AP and 60 DR.

AP and DR do not work at a 1:1 ratio, but the majority of players are saying that they are dealing less damage than they used to against the opponents that have the same GS. In contrast, players that have low Renown Score and thus low bonus DR now take more damage from the opponents that have high GS.



The bonus stats brought some significant changes to the KR server. First, the price of Accuracy-focused Accessories like Red Coral Earring has dropped. The Renown Score is not affected by Accuracy at all, and Accessories like Red Coral Earring which have low AP and high Accuracy are not as viable as before. Tree Spirit’s Belt and Sicil’s Necklace are becoming less popular as well.

It seems like the changes are working better for DR-based characters than for Evasion-based characters. DR-based characters like the Warrior, Valkyrie, and Berserker are taking much less damage compared to before, especially when they use guard/block skills.


▲ The price of Red Coral Earring used to be around 4 million.

The preliminaries of Arena of Arsha KR, which were held last Saturday, showed how the changes affected PvP. As the DR bonus increased each character’s defensive ability, there were less cases where a character died from burst damage in a 3vs3 battle.

The Mystic was still the most frequently played during the Arena of Arsha and was still the most powerful character. Warriors and Valkyries showed some great performance in the battles. Rangers could deal massive damage when they were well protected by their teammates, Berserkers had some deadly grabs, while Musas and Maehwas showed swift movements and mobility. There was only one Lahn among hundreds of participants, and unfortunately she did not make it to the next stage.


▲ Mystic is still the most powerful, but Warrior, Valkyrie, and Berserker received some good level of buffs with the bonus DR.

A lot of debate has been going on in the KR community since the update. Some players welcome the changes, while others think that the changes only made the game worse. Below are KR players’ comments regarding the recent update.


KR Players’ comments on the bonus AP/DR update (Positive)
  -  No more one shot kill!
  -  The DR bonus is amazing. I don’t get one-shot-killed anymore.
  -  Now that I don’t get one-shot-killed, I have a chance to counter my enemies.
  -  Before this update, whoever knocked down the opponent first won the battle. Now inflicting CC at the right moment and hitting the opponent became more important.
  -  This update does not intensify the gap between players. GS was crucial in PvP even before this update. You don’t need Cron Stones anymore to get 100% PEN, so the p2w issue is solved now.
  -  You can’t win against someone with 270 AP if your AP is 230 anyway. Also, it’s not that you absolutely have to spend money to get a TET.


KR Players’ comments on the bonus AP/DR update (Negative)

  -  Pearl Abyss is going the wrong direction. If one shot one kill was the problem, then they should have changed how AP works instead of giving DR to characters based on their GS.
  -  You still get one-shot-killed if your GS is low. This does not solve the fundamental problem.
  -  Action MMORPG is about action, not about gear. This update only made gear more effective. Where’s the fun if you can’t even try to fight?
  -  Upgrading your gear is more important than getting good now.
  -  If Pearl Abyss is not going to revert this, they should nerf potions and buffs. I can’t kill anyone.


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  • 0

    level 1 Kralk


    How is other class with this change ? Specially Is sorc can deal somethink or get "more nerf" ?

    • 0

      level 1 MrUnratedZ


      Sorc = dead class i think musa is better now LUL

  • 0

    level 1 Matej_Straka

    There is typo in "Related: BDO KR Patch Notes for April 21th - New Enhan...."

  • 0

    level 1 OpieOP

    Is there a way you can post an image of the "Grand Adventurer" icon? @invenglobal

  • 0

    level 1 Thunder

    How's Musa? Looks like Musa/Maehwa can't do *** after this update against War/Valk, unless you have insane amount of AP.

  • 0

    level 1 Frank

    I'm totally fine with getting an extra 20ap and 45DR. I main a ninja though, so evasion would still be better because of the low hp, and people dropping their accuracy for more ap.
  • 0

    level 1 Konokolicious


    rip dk

    • 0

      level 1 KingKon


      Why rip dks? Aren't they more ap based?

  • 0

    level 1 atlasintec_sarl


    Rip DKs was fun playing these class

    • 0

      level 1 KingKon


      Why rip dks? Aren't they more ap based?

  • 0

    level 1 Anex


    Anex Moldova 23 hours ago
    The most unbalance changes i ever reed.
    This new bonus gave a lot more advantage to AP then for evasion base class (and classes that have pure evasion offhand) and only disadvantage for DP.
    lets count a little .
    Player A (Full AP 269/271/285 : total gear score 564 )[[0],[11013,19,[-1,-1]],[11017,19,[-1,-1]],[11103,19,[-1,-1]],[11015,19,[-1,-1]],[[12031,4],[12031,4]],[[11828,4],[11828,4]],[12230,4],[11607,4],[10610,19,[-1,-1]],[14722,19],[10738,19,[-1,-1]],[-1],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]]

    Bonuses for Player A :
    AP= 20 (470++ gear score Adventure Frame) + 127 (AP bonus for AP 269-272)
    DP =85 (564 total gear score Adventure Frame counted with new changes Nover offhand + 6 DP and Giath helm +3 DP transferred from hide DP to normal DP) + 13% (DP bonus for DP294-301); 13% we dint know from what base its count but i think these 13% are totally nothing because we have little numbers but lets think that its taken from DP that will be (165+79+85)*13% = 42.77

    Player B (DP hybrid 214/216/349 : Total gear score 564 )[[0],[11013,19,[-1,-1]],[11017,19,[-1,-1]],[11103,19,[-1,-1]],[11015,19,[-1,-1]],[[12032,4],[12031,4]],[[11828,4],[11828,4]],[12220,4],[11607,4],[10610,19,[-1,-1]],[14722,19],[10717,20,[-1,-1]],[-1],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]]

    Bonuses for Player B :
    AP= 20 (470++ gear score Adventure Frame) + 30 (AP bonus for AP 201-235)
    DP = 85 (564 total gear score Adventure Frame counted with new changes Giath helm +3 DP transferred from hide DP to normal DP) + 20% (DP bonus for DP 347+); 20% we dint know from what base its count but i think these 20% are totally nothing because we have little numbers but lets think that its taken from DP that will be (217+79+85)*20% = 76.2

    now lets compare
    AP difference :
    for player A : (127/270) * 100% = 47 %
    for player B : (30/215)*100 = 13.95 %

    difference AP between Player A and Player B = 33 %

    DP difference : 76.2-42.77= 33.43 or 7 % from DP scale table

    and i do not understand why we have such huge advantage on AP scale table
    and have only max 20 % DP scale that stop growing at only 347 DP and there is no reason to make more DP that 347 that you will take less and less advantage from it.

    My opinion is if we will make a duel between these Player A and Player B then we will have that Player A have enough attack to kill Player B but Player B cant kill Player A because he will have lack of attack.

    And i think they confuse DP scale table bonus DR with DP scale table bonus DR % , they must do it vice averse
    DP scale table with bonus DR % must scale from Adventurer Frame (total gear score) and DP scale table with bonus DR must scale from total DP , then we will have much more profit from staking DP but then we will have problem with evasion but this is another story .

    thank-you all who reed and support my suggestion.

    • 0

      level 1 Zephan


      The 10-200 AP table and the % DR table are not new additions, they're things that were already in effect that we just didn't know about. That's why the only tables listed in this article are the 4-20 AP and 2-165 DR ones, because those are the only actual changes.

  • 0

    level 1 peashooter6

    Nobody wants BDO to be more gear based, why would they do this?

  • 0

    level 1 Suyino

    I think the idea for these stats were good in intentions but the wrong approach to making the game more skilled based. I would like my gear to affect my pve more than my pvp.

  • 0

    level 1 Symphoniiez

    i think all bonus stats gonna kill blackdesert

    i dont know why this happend

    what do you think ?

    you need to shut off distance of gs between low gs player and high gs player

    but you still make patch of bonus stats LMAO

    1 shot kill problem ?

    why ?

    do you remember ? you've make bonus ap in the old patch (without dr) let's think whattahappend when 270 ap vs 210 ap

    did you already see ????

    i dont know why you dont just move at your start point and wipe out all bonus stats

    if you worry about high stats mob

    please just make bonus stats only for pve NEVER make it for pvp

    --- pure gs stats and lvl stats is really nice for pvp ---

    why you still change the good thing to bad ?

    thank for read and sorry for my bad english

  • 0

    level 1 sidonay

    I don't know if we will get the KR item balance changes together with the combat reputation change but, didn't KR 'softcap' players get additional 9 DP (+3 DP from Giath/Griffon additional DR changed to base DR, +6 DP from Nouver), landing them actually a tier higher, or two tiers higher with Urugon?

  • 0

    level 1 fahrenheit195

    And what about striker? Is he still good enough?

  • 0

    level 1 beatnikhero

    Hopefully with some refinement to these changes; it can be a big benefit for all players.

  • 0

    level 1 Tash

    The killed BDO... Full scale PtW. All setups with same GS loose AP based...
  • 0

    level 1 Geoffrey

    Nerfing AP is the way to go if you want more variety in builds, those that go full ap are still powerful, also gives hybrid build a chance. Adding bonus AP will only wider the gap between lower gs and higher gs, pressuring lower gs players to pay in order to survive, many will leave and the top players will always be the same, that's how most mmo ends, when $ more than skills. if PA wants to prolong the life of a game, we need an article on how a free b2p player win a regular paying player in a duel tournament through skills.

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