Black Pegasus, Nightmare of Arduanatt, sold at 21 billion in BDO KR’s Luxury Auction

The final successful bidder for Nightmare of Arduanatt, a black version of Arduanatt the Pegasus, has been determined in Black Desert Online KR on Oct 9th. The auction was held at the Luxury Auction, and lasted from Sept 29th 18:00 to Oct 9th. The starting price was 5 billion, and the final bid was 21 billion.

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The one who had won “Horse Emblem: Nightmare of Arduanatt” was named Meobu (Family Name: HoonJang). Horse Emblem: Dream Horse Arduanatt was also on the auction, and the final bid was 15 billion.

With its black wings and body, Nightmare of Arduanatt gained huge attention from everyone since its introduction. The Black Pegasus is not obtainable through breeding, and was exclusive to the auction block. The starting bid was 5 billion, and the bid quickly rocketed to 16 billion.

It seemed like no one was going to pay more than 16 billion, but someone placed 16.2 billion on the last day. When only 1 minute was left until the auction is over, the real bidding started. The bid went up to 18 billion, 18.5 billion, 19 billion, and finally went above 20 billion. At 18:04, the final successful bidder placed 21 billion and became the winner of the auction.


▲ The final bid was 21 billion, which is 0.5 billion higher than the bid in the above screenshot.


▲ Meobu and Nightmare of Arduanatt after the auction is over.


Below is our brief interview with Meobu, the final successful bidder for Nightmare of Arduanatt.


Congratulations on winning Nightmare of Arduanatt! How are you feeling right now?

The bid did not go up as high as I expected. I heard some people saying that they are willing to spend more than 30 billion, so I thought the bid would go up higher than 21 billion. I’m really happy that I won the auction.

Even though it was lower than you expected, 21 billion is not a cheap price. How much was the maximum bid you had on your mind?

I was going to spend 25 billion at maximum. I would not have gone any further if the bid went higher than 30 billion.

Anything special you did to win this auction?

Not really. I already had a lot of silver, so I didn’t have to sell my gear or anything. I still have all my gear, all enhanced.

Is your costume specially prepared for Nightmare of Arduanatt? It matches the horse really well.

No, it’s not. [laughs] I like the color black so I always wear costumes dyed in black. But it does look like I made this costume for Nightmare of Arduanatt.

Can you tell us the stats and skills that Nightmare of Arduanatt has?

Exactly the same as the original Arduanatt. The only difference between the two horses is the color. I also have Arduanatt and Dineh, and there are no differences in stats and skills.

You have all three Dream Horses? That is truly amazing. How many times have you tried to get the Dream Horses?

About ten times. I think I’m very lucky.

Are you going to go for a limited version of Dineh, if there is one?

I don’t have a plan for it at the moment. In fact, I don’t use Dineh very much and I think Dineh should be buffed. Dineh does not have the mobility that Arduanatt has, and the cooldown for its buff skill is 5 minutes. Also, Dineh dies a lot when she’s in the middle of a combat and even dies from fall damage after double jumping. I only use Arduanatt at the moment.

Would you like to say anything to those who sent congratulations you for winning Nightmare of Arduanatt?

Thank you all for your congratulations! I will level up Nightmare of Arduanatt and try to show the horse through online streams in the future.




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