Skill Enhancement and Rabam’s Enlightenment - Make a Whole New Skill with Two Skills

* Please note that the terms/names used in this article are not official and are subject to change when the associated update is released on the NA/EU server.

On August 17th (KST), Rabam’s Enlightenment was added to the game. This is the skill enhancement system that creates a more powerful skill through a combination of two existing skills. The character’s level needs to be at 56 in order to use this feature, and you can learn this skill by clicking the icon located at the Skill Enhancement tab on the bottom of the Skills page.

Though it does not require any separate quest or NPC to learn, you need to have your main skills and sub skills in order to proceed further. Note that the combination may require high levels of the main skill and subskill, thus you may need to save up a handful of skill points.

▲ The Skill Enhancement is only available when the associated main skill and sub skill are acquired


The Skill Enhancement through Rabam’s Enlightenment provides an additional effect to the main skill or completely changes the way it works. For example, upon using Lunacy of Vedir, the Dark Knight sticks the Kriegsmesser on the ground to deal damage, while Earth of Vedir, the enhanced version of the skill, deals AoE damage with a slight change in the motion.

The MP and HP recovery of the subskill may apply simultaneously, or a whole new effect that neither the main skill or subskill have can be applicable as well, such as pulling enemies towards the character.

In the case of the Striker, the combination of Flow: Mass Destruction with Flash Step gives a completely new way of skill utilization. Although the main skill’s attack effect is not valid anymore, the enhanced skill allows one more dodge upon using either Flash Step or Silent Step. The effects of increased movement speed and defense can also be applied.

The main skill used to create the enhanced skill will not be available afterward, but the subskill will still be usable. The command used to cast the main skill is replaced with the enhanced skill. Upon using the enhanced skill, it is not activated by using the command key when you are in the Awakening stance, but it can be activated when you place the skill in the skill slot. The character automatically changes its stance from Awakening to the main weapon.

▲ Earth of Vedir - the enhanced skill that deals AoE damage and pulls in enemies


There are a couple of restrictions during and after you perform the Skill Enhancement through Rabam’s Enlightenment. Firstly, the subskill can still be used, but the main skill used to create the enhanced skill cannot be used anymore. For example, Sorcerer’s Rushing Crow can never be used when it is used to create the enhanced skill.

The skill combination, Ultimate, in particular, is restricted as well. For instance, the Warrior’s Ultimate: Ground Smash allows an additional hit right after Ground Smash, but the combination is not available any longer after learning either Rumbling Smash or Frenzied Spear.

Some of the add-on effects are not applicable as well. For example, the Dark Knight’s Lunacy of Vedir provides add-on effects such as increased attack against monsters or attack speed. However, Frenzied Ashes or Earth of Vedir, which can be learned through the Enhancement, do not provide any add-on effects.

It requires a considerable amount of skill points and has a number of restrictions, thus the system is still a tad controversial among players, with many arguing whether this is really worth the cost. If you are looking forward to performing it, it is recommended that you collect enough information about enhanced skills for each class and how players evaluate their effects.

Note that the skill tooltips that have not yet been discovered will be added afterward.

▲ Striker's Skill Enhancement: Wolf's Ascension

▲ Warrior's Skill Enhancement: Rumbling Smash

▲ Warrior's Skill Enhancement: Frenzied Spear

▲ Ranger's Skill Enhancement: Tearing Gust

▲ Kunoichi's Skill Enhancement: Ninjutsu: Tendon Cutter / Ninjutsu: Ghost Shadow

▲ Berserker's Skill Enhancement: Raging Thunder

▲ Wizard's Skill Enhancement: Wise Man's Lighthouse

▲ Wizard's Skill Enhancement: Wise Man's Heart



▲ Dark Knight’s Skill Enhancement, Lunacy of Vedir is the main skill
▲ Striker’s Skill Enhancement, Flow: Mass Destruction is the main skill
▲ Tamer’s Skill Enhancement, Fearful Trembling is the main skill
▲ Ninja’s Skill Enhancement, Smokescreen is the main skill
▲ Maehwa’s Skill Enhancement, Maehwa’s Will is the main skill
▲ Mystic’s Skill Enhancement, Rage Hammer is the main skill
▲ Valkyrie’s Skill Enhancement, Heaven’s Echo is the main skill
▲ Sorcerer’s Skill Enhancement, Rushing Crow is the main skill
▲ Witch’s Skill Enhancement, Sage’s Memory is the main skill
▲ Warrior’s Skill Enhancement, Ground Smash is the main skill

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    level 1 aqua995

    looks like a joke to me, but I expected it to be this worse

    why didn't they allow you to skill an additional time once you hit Lv.56

    Will of the Wind VI

    Blood Calamity II

    etc. is all I we ever wanted

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