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BDO KR Update: new grind spot Shultz’s Guardians Garrison, an upgraded version of Sausan


A new grind spot has been added to Black Desert Online KR on June 15th. The spot is located in the east of Sausan Garrison, where there used to be an empty land. New monsters now appear at the shore where the Sausan soldiers used to wander around.

The area looks similar to Sausan Garrison with its high density of monsters. Some Human monsters are grouped together, or standing in lines within a certain spot.

It is harder to grind in Shultz’s Guardians Garrison than to grind in Sausan. The officially recommended stats are 160 to 210 AP and level 57 to 58, but the players who already tested the new area say that the area is “a little bit tougher than Gahaz” and “similar to Cadry when party grinding.”


▲ A new grind spot near Sausan
▲ The empty land east of Sausan is now Shultz's Guardians Garrison

There are three types of monsters in Shultz’s Guardians: Heavy Armor Warrior, Gladiator, and Sniper. Luckily, no cannoneers are around. Monsters are grouped together within a narrow area. The Gladiators are the most common ones, and there are fewer Heavy Armor Warriors and Snipers.

The Heavy Armor Warriors are the ones you should be wary of. Their hammer attacks will knock you down, so dodge when they start lifting their hammers to avoid getting knocked back. Other monsters will give you different debuffs such as attack speed decrease and movement speed decrease.

It’s fun to grind in Shultz’s Guardians Garrison because of the large population of monsters, but they are pretty strong. 4 to 5 monsters can deal 700 damage to a 200 DP character in 2 to 3 seconds when he or she is knocked down by the Heavy Armor Warrior. Their defenses are also quite sturdy. The players who already started grinding in the area say that the monsters have higher defense than the ones in Gahaz or Cadry.


▲ The Heavy Armor Warrior is the one you should be wary of
▲ Large population of monsters are grouped together

Item drops are not much different from Sausan. Armor Fragments, Sausan supply packages, and robe pieces are regular drops, and you can obtain Grunil and Krea gear. You can also obtain Magic Crystals of Infinity.

One major difference with Sausan is that you can loot Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator. The Necklace is about 7,000,000 silver and the Belt is about 1,700,000 silver on the KR server.

If you are over level 58, you can start a questline. The quest begins with Narava Rakum, the Node manager at Sarma Outpost. Start the questline by receiving the quest “Recon party defeated by Sausan people”. You will be able to receive a repeatable quest “Besiege Shultz’s Guardians.” The quests are not complicated. Short conversations and simply killing monsters will complete the questline.

You will gain 120 to 150 Contribution Points for each quest you complete, and will receive a 10G Gold Ingot, Black Stone(Weapon), Black Stone(Armor), and “Blue” Awakening Weapon Box upon completing the whole questline. The Awakening Weapon Box is bound to family, so get an Awakening Weapon for any character you have. The repeatable quest will give you 200 Contribution Points after killing 50 monsters at Shultz’s Guardians Garrison.


▲ Item drops are not much different from Sausan
▲ These two are the ones you should loot
▲ You will receive a "Blue" Awakening Weapon Box upon completing the whole questline 

Level 57 Dark Knight at Shultz's Guardians Garrison (158 AP, 197 DP)

Level 58 Sorceress at Shultz's Guardians Garrison (177 AP, 204 DP)



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