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BDO KR Update: A step towards bigger Ocean Battles, The Epheria Convoy


The Epheria Convoy was added to Black Desert Online KR with the June 15th update. The ship can be built in a Tier 3 Shipyard in Epheria. Unlike the other ships, the Epheria Convoy comes with 4 cannons, making it more powerful in Ocean Battles. The ship will be a step towards more expansive Ocean content such as Ocean Hunting.

Newly added materials: Plated Pine Plywood, Jade Coral Ingot, and Enhanced Flax Fabric, are necessary for building the Epheria Convoy. These materials were also added with the June 15th update and are obtainable by Heating and Drying.


▲ the Epheria Convoy comes with 4 cannons


Things to get: What and how many items you need to build the Epheria Convoy

You will need Design: Epheria Convoy, Standardized Timber Square, Jade Coral Ingot, Plated Pine Plywood, and Enhanced Flax Fabric to build the Epheria Convoy. All materials except for the Design are available in the Marketplace, but there aren’t many for sale.

The Design is obtainable through a daily quest given by Philaberto Falasi. The quest is very simple. You just have to pick up a wooden box and deliver it to a certain NPC in Epheria Port. You will receive the Design as a reward. You will need a total of 25 Designs, so it will take you at least 25 days to build the Convoy.


▲ the Design is relatively easy to get


You will need 10 Usable Scantlings to make 1 Standardized Timber Square, and 10 Logs to make 1 Usable Scantling. You will need a total of 1000 Standardized Timber Squares, meaning that you need 100,000 Logs.

The Standardized Timber Squares are not the only problem. You will need a total of 1600 Plated Pine Plywood. 1 Plated Pine Plywood requires one Pine Plywood and 10 Coconuts.

One Pine Plywood requires 10 Pine Planks, one Plank requires 5 Pine Timber. A total of 80,000 Pine Timber and 16,000 coconuts are necessary to make all necessary Plated Pine Plywoods.


▲ Pre-ordering might be a better choice


You will also need 800 Jade Coral Ingots. 5 Melted Titanium Shards and 1 Prairie Green Coral are necessary to make one ingot, and Melted Titanium Shards can be made by Heating 5 Titanium Ore. Prairie Green Coral requires 3 Green Corals and 1 Resplendent Emerald. 1 Green Coral requires 10 Coral Pieces and 1 Emerald, and Resplendent Emerald can be obtained by Grinding Emerald.

A total of 20,000 Titanium Ore, 24,000 Coral Pieces, and 6,400 Emeralds are necessary to make 800 Jade Coral Ingots.

Lastly, you will need 450 Enhanced Flax Fabrics. 1 Enhanced Flax Fabric can be made by Drying 1 Flax Fabric and 1 Shining Power, and 10 Flax Threads are necessary to make 1 Flax Fabric. 5 Flax are needed to make 1 Flax Thread, and the Shining Powder can be synthesized through Alchemy.

Materials necessary to build the Epheria Convoy

Materials and Life Skills necessary to build the Epheria Convoy


Let your Workers gather the materials for you

Standardized Timber Squares requires tons of Logs, which gave the players immense agony when building the Epheria Sailboat. Logs can only be obtained through lumbering, and it is more efficient to gather Pine Timber and Logs together.

Pine Trees are widely dispersed, starting from the Northwest of Treant village and to the Southwest of Calpheon. It is possible to get both Logs and Pine Timber in the region. If you need to gather more Pine Timber, send some Workers to the Marie Cave Node. Marie Cave is located in the east of Hexe Sanctuary.

Coconuts can be manually gathered in the Areha Palm Forest Node. The Areha Palm Forest is located in the west of Arehaza village.


▲ Pine Trees are available in the Marie Cave Node


Titanium Ore can be collected through mining or from Resource Nodes. The Nodes that produce Titanium Ore are Crescent Shrine, Gavinya Great Crator, and Gavinya Volcano Zone. Alternatively, you can interact with Soft Sandstone, Titanium Ore, and Volcanic Rock to gather the Ore yourself. They can be found in Crescent Shrine, Bashim Habitat, Arehaza area, or anywhere in the Valencia territory.

Melted Titanium can also be obtained by Heating Rosar Weapons. Rosar Weapons can be looted anywhere in Valencia; one famous drop location is the Cadry Ruins. It is good to collect some Melted Titanium while you are farming exp and silver.

To gather Coral Pieces, you will need to dive into the sea and use a hoe. Coral is usually in the sea where small islands are grouped together. Tinberra Island and Lerao Island are the most famous spots.

Emeralds can be obtained by processing Emerald Ore, or purchasing from the NPC Morco’s secret shop. You will have to collect the Ore from Stoneback Crabs or Sandstones. Grind the Emerald Ore to get Emeralds.

Flax and Flax Thread are relatively easy to obtain. They can be collected from the Resource Nodes in Kamasylve Temple, Costa Farm, and Moretti Farm. Alternatively, you can grow Flax yourself. Get the seed near Manes Hideout and grow it, if you have enough Contribution Points.


▲ Flax and Flax Thread are easy to gather from different Nodes


Prepare yourself for the new Ocean Monster, Bell

It is most likely that the Epheria Convoy is for the new Ocean Monster, Bell, which was revealed in the last Fan Festival. Pearl Abyss revealed in the Festival that there will be a new ship designed for Ocean battles which is armed with 4 cannons. The description matches the Epheria Convoy.

It has been revealed that the new ship will be very effective in fighting the Ocean Bosses in Margoria, and chances are high that the Epheria Convoy will play a big part in Ocean Hunting in the future. If you are looking forward to hunting Bell, start building the Epheria Convoy to prepare yourself for the new Ocean Hunt.


▲ Will the Epheria Convoy look like this when it's finished?


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