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In-depth raid guide for Mirumok Watcher Offin, the awakened ancient weapon in Kamasylvia



▲ Mirumok Watcher Offin, the guild raid boss in Kamasylvian forest




An overview of Offin and Offin Tett

Mirumok Watcher Offin consists of two monsters. Offin is the huge wooden monster with three roots that players can attack to subdue and drag out Offin Tett, who is dwelling inside. Offin Tett is the humanlike figure that sits inside the cockpit and controls Offin, and it does not take damage as long as it stays inside Offin. Tett only comes out when Offin is subdued either by destroying its root or by using a hunting musket to destroy the cockpit’s shield, giving us two options to use when trying to kill Mirumok Watcher Offin. There is no death penalty when fighting against Offin, so feel free to dive in and attack as much as you want. The monster disappears if it is not subdued within 30 minutes.


Where to find Offin

Head to the node manager of the Old Mirumok Ruins and you will see a gigantic tree in the East.


Attacking Offin’s roots to force Tett out

This is the most fundamental and simple way to subdue Offin and attack Tett. There are three destroyable roots among Offin’s four legs, and Tett comes out every time a root is destroyed. It is recommended that you attack each root one by one so that you can draw out Tett quickly. Once a root disappears, the protective shield covering Tett disappears and it comes down with two invulnerable clones.


Note that the real Tett that actually takes damage is the one with a health bar. The two clones do not take damage anyway, so you’ll want to focus fire on the real one.

Once Tett takes a certain amount of damage, it goes back inside the protective shield of Offin, forcing the players to again focus fire on the root to bring it back out. Repeat the process three times until all roots disappear and Tett has no shelter to crawl back in, and Mirumok Watcher Offin will be no more.


Utilizing a hunting musket to draw out Tett quicker

This is the easier way for those that do not want to repeat the process of continuously forcing Tett out of the protective core. You still have to destroy the first root to activate the target on the protective core, but once you destroy the core with the musket, Tett never goes back inside.


Offin’s attack patterns


Take evasive actions as soon as Offin raises its foreleg.


Offin makes a strange noise, lowers its body a little and lets out poison gas. There is no particular animation to notify players of the incoming attack, so you have to evade as soon as Offin makes the weird sound. The fart hurts a lot, and it can be lethal to those without high DP.


Offin lifts its body a little and releases a certain kind of power. The damage is not that lethal, but you might face death if you do not maintain your HP properly.


Offin roars, lifts its body and smashes it on the ground to smash and burn the ground. The AoE attack lasts for about 10 seconds with a lethal amount of damage. I recommend that you evade right away as soon as you hear Offin roar, just like the second pattern.


Tett moves to the top of Offin’s core and charges an energy ball that looks like Dragon Ball Z’s Spirit Bomb. Offin lifts one of its legs and smashes it on the ground as Tett throws the energy ball. Wait for the right moment to dodge the attack. The damage is massive.


Just like the attack above, Tett stands on the top of Offin to prepare a magical attack. A magical layer forms in the sky and flame starts raining from above. Quickly move towards Offin and hide underneath to avoid the attack.


Offin Tett

Tett appears as a huge human-like form with a yellowish glow, with two invulnerable clones that glow blue. Only the yellow one is what you are looking for, as there is no point attacking the blue ones.



Offin Tett’s attack patterns


Either guard or evade as soon as it jumps.


Tett creates a spear and throws it, which inflicts AoE damage as it lands. Sometimes all three Tetts charge up their spears at the same time. It can be devastating, so be careful.



5 million guild funds
Guild exp points
Pure Forest Breath
Destruction Spirit Stone
Degraded wood fragment
Black Stone
Hunter’s Seal
WON Magic Crystal - Cobelinus



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    level 1 Ikrekot


    How to summon this boss?

  • 0

    level 1 Lynn_Crow


    How much guild EXP excactly?

    • 0

      level 1 Yullie


      When Offin first came out in KR, you had to summon Offin in a guild mission. The reward was 5mil silver (for Extra Large Guild). However, there was a change with the raid and now you cannot summon Offin the original way. A guild leader should obtain an item called "Ancient Contract: Offin" through a quest that Black Spirit gives and then interact with Offin to start the raid. There is no guild mission, so no guild exp/fund is rewarded. (You can loot the boss tho.) We are not sure at the moment which way will it be when the raid becomes live in NA/EU, but we'll find out soon!

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