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How to Summon Kamasylvia Guild Raid Boss, Offin


Kamasylvia Part 1 will arrive in Black Desert Online NA/EU on Sept 27th with tons of new content, and one of them is Mirumok Watcher/Destroyer Offin, a guild raid boss. The way Offin is summoned is unlike other raid bosses. Below is a guide on how to summon Offin.

Offin cannot be summoned via the scrolls you get by completing General Missions. Mirumok Watcher Offin and Mirumok Destroyer Offin are in Mirumok Ruins, unawakened. You have to wake them up before starting the raid.

To wake up Offin, you need an item called “Ancient Contract: Mirumok Watcher”. In order to obtain this item, a Guild Leader should receive the [Boss] The Watcher of Mirumok Ruins quest and talk to an NPC named “Trembling Spirit” to complete the quest. The quest is repeatable after 72 hours.

If you have the Ancient Contract, you can wake up Offin. As mentioned above, there are two types of Offin: Mirumok Watcher and Mirumok Destroyer. Watcher Offin is recommended for small and medium Guilds, whereas Destroyer Offin is recommended for large and extra large Guilds. Destroyer Offin is more challenging, so wake up the Offin that your Guild can kill. The locations of the two Offins are marked with checkmarks on the map below. If you know which Offin you are going to wake up, gather your Guild members to the designated spot, prepare to attack, and wake him up.

Offin must be killed within 30 minutes of the initial interaction. The raid starts immediately after the Guild Leader interacts (R) with Offin using the Ancient Contract in his/her inventory, so make you wake him up after everyone is prepared for the raid.


▲ The Guild Leader can obtain Ancient Contract: the Watcher of Mirumok through the Black Spirit’s quest.


▲ The Guild Leader must interact with Mirumok Watcher/Destroyer Offin in order to start the raid.


▲ The 30 minute time limit starts right after Offin wakes up


▲ Locations of Mirumok Watcher Offin and Mirumok Destroyer Offin.


These are the required steps to summon Offin, but this is different from the way Offin was summoned when it first added in KR. The old way, which is now obsolete, was to wake up Offin through an Occupancy Guild Mission. Below is the old way to summon Offin, just in case you have to summon Offin the old way when it is updated in NA/EU.

In the Guild Mission menu, a Guild can receive the [Boss] the Watcher of Mirumok Ruins (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large) quest, according to the guild’s size. If a Guild is successful in receiving the quest before other Guilds do, the Guild Leader can wake up Offin, and only the members of the Guild that woke up Offin could damage Offin. When the Guild is done with the raid, the quest will reappear in the Occupancy Missions menu after 10 to 15 minutes.

The quest has four types: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Only one Guild can participate in one type of quest, and the quest appeared in a random server. Large and Extra Large Guilds used to send members to different servers and check which server has the quest. Guild members would wait until the quest was removed from the list, start refreshing, and receive the quest as soon as it reappeared on the list.

The competition to get the quest was really high, as the Guild could only receive the quest type that matches the Guild size. (You can now choose the type of Offin you want to wake up.) The competition was especially high for small Guilds, and some small Guilds tried to increase their size in order to avoid competition. With the old way to summon Offin, the type of the Occupancy quest had to match the size of the Guild. (i.e. Small Guilds can only accept [Boss] the Watcher of Mirumok Ruins - Small.) Small and Medium Guilds will fight Mirumok Watcher, and Large and Extra Large Guilds will fight Mirumok Destroyer.


▲ The old way involved getting an Occupancy Quest in the Guild Missions menu.


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    level 1 ChaosKnight


    What's the reward for completion? and what's the loot table for the boss?
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      level 1 Yullie


      When Offin first came out in KR, you had to summon Offin in a guild mission. The reward was 5mil silver (for Extra Large Guild). However, there was a change with the raid and now you can no longer summon Offin the original way. A guild leader should obtain an item called "Ancient Contract: Offin" through a quest that Black Spirit gives and then interact with Offin to start the raid. There is no guild mission, so no guild exp/fund is rewarded.

      The loot table is Forest Fury (Fixed), Cobelinus Crystal (Fixed), Black Spirit Crystal, and Ancient Spirit Crystal. You can also get Jin/Won/Bon Crystals (not 100% confirmed) by chance. Viper and Hystria Crystals are not in the loot table.

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    level 1 Pohjantikka

    What are the requirements for GM to obtain the quest?
    I am 58lvl guild leader and I haven't got the quest yet.

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