Fortnite Winter Royale 2019 adds over 20,000 new placements; increases prize pool day before event

▲ Image Source: Epic Games

As a result of a massive increase in Arena Duos matchmaking, Fortnite is adding over 20,000 new placements to allow more players an opportunity to win big in the 2019 Winter Royale. Due to the increased number of competitors, the prize pool for the event will also be increased.

Epic games announced the Fortnite Winter Royale 2019 on December 3rd, with the event itself taking place from December 20th-December 22nd. However, the amount of players dropping into Arena Duos caused Fortnite to make a last minute increase in competitors — and a prize pool boost to match — less than a day before the start of the event.




The event will be split into three different sections depending on the type of hardware being used to play Fortnite. Throughout every server in the world, PC players will be grouped alone, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will buddy up, and those playing on Nintendo Switch, a mobile phone, or any other type of handheld device will be ranked against one another. The full event information, rules, and prize pool breakdown for each server and grouping can be found on the Epic Games site.



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