FLY confirms PowerOfEvil! POE and IgNar explain why they wanted to reunite

The rumors are true! Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage is joining FlyQuest, getting back together with old teammate Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun! PowerOfEvil completes the FlyQuest roster, and with all the pieces confirmed, FLY is ready to gear up for the 2020 season.

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Inven Global reached out to both of the new FLY members, as well as their new head coach, to ask about their reasons for joining the squad, their reflections on this past season, and their goals going into 2020. 

2019 in review

IgNar simply loves a challenge and wants to prove himself here in NA. When reflecting back on his 2019, he said, "In 2019, I learned that I really love to play on big stages. I want the challenge and I want to make it to the big stages in NA next year... To improve and just play well."

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PowerOfEvil had a lot to say about his past year on CLG.

"2019 was a very instructive one for me, but let me start from  off-season 2018. After fielding a number of offers, I joined CLG. The Spring Split was difficult and we did not have the best synergy. We tried different roster compositions with little to no success.

Looking back I think as an already very experienced player I should have brought in myself more in certain situations. I have put this on my Agenda for 2020."

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He then goes on to mention how working with coach Irean, and later, Kim "Ruin" Hyeong-min, was extremely helpful and impactful. All of which he will use to add to his value in 2020 on Flyquest.

2020 Preview

PowerOfEvil then calls out specific pieces of the FlyQuest roster that he thinks makes them so strong, notably the mid-jungle duo and superstar support, as well as the broad scope of talent the rest of the members carry. 

"When I have to decide for a team, I look at the whole “package," divided into categories like competitiveness, organization, financials, multimedia support, etc. The 2020 roster FlyQuest managed to put together is extremely strong, so I cannot list all of the many positive aspects [we have], but let me point out two things:

First, the “jungle-mid-synergy” is super important, especially in the early and mid game. Lucas "Santorin" Tao Kilmer Larsen is one of the best junglers in the LCS. We play a lot of duo together; I know him very well and we are good friends and we share the same view on how to play the map.

Additionally, we have IgNar on board. I consider him one of the best supports in the world. He had a big share in our great worlds run with MSF in 2017. Together with an excellent coaching staff this is a very competitive roster."

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Power goes further though, breaking into the unique aspects of FlyQuest as an organization that he finds valuable over other orgs in the pro League scene.

"When comparing organizations at a closer look you will find that there are many differences in the way communication is handled within the organization, how the players are treated, how much the organization is willing to do to ensure a healthy atmosphere, etc. Flyquest looks like a great organization for me. My talks with them were open and constructive.

Other players I spoke with also gave me a positive view on the organization. The whole Flyquest package was very convincing, including the reunion with Ignar, which made the decision very easy. I think Flyquest perfectly embodies what I expect from an organization. I am happy to be part of Flyquest now!!!"


IgNar reflected that as well, stating, "I got really good feelings from FlyQuest when I talked with them and when I heard about org. I liked their plan for 2020, and I also appreciated that they like what I can do and what I can bring to the team." 

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New Head Coach Anand "Curry" Agarwal broke down his plan for the upcoming year, simultaneously mirroring IgNar's passion and desire to play on the big stage and PowerOfEvil's value on culture. 

"My mindset is pretty simple, I want to compete in playoffs and make it to Worlds. In order to do that I want to build a team culture where players enjoy playing together and build trust in each other. By fostering that type of environment, our team should be able to constantly improve as we face the many challenges an LCS season brings."


IgNar and Power's Reunion

We spoke to the duo about their old MSF run at Worlds, asking if they plan to bring the same level of creativity in their play again this year. NA is often memed for it's one-dimensional play, but Power and IgNar have a great history of creative play.

PowerOfEvil always brings his own personal flair to champion builds, and IgNar is perhaps most famous for dismantling the SKT bot lane with his (never before seen) Fervor of Battle Leona. Even Jason "WildTurtle" Tran was a part of one of the most creative and innovative NA rosters in NA history, the old IMT squad.

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IgNar believes they can bring that back, stating "I think we will try to do that again. I really think POE and I had huge synergy in 2017, so I think we can make a good situation happen again in the LCS." 

Power expands on that, recounting their past performance together.

"Ignar and I have a good relationship. Back in the days in EU when we played together for Misfits, a big share of our success was our outstanding synergy. Also we are both innovative players that are not afraid of bringing new champions, items, or even rune builds into the rift, like as counter to an existing Meta for example.

We showed in the series vs. SKT that we can compete on the highest international level, and if we manage to qualify for Worlds, we will prove this again... One other thing - I love Ignar’s great sense of humor, and I am looking forward to playing solo-queue with him again. Whether smashing the enemy team or not, we're always having fun!"

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Curry mirrors that sentitment as well, planning to utilize that synergy and creative mentality.

"I’m most excited for PoE and Ignar and the impact that they’ll have on the team. When Ignar and PoE last played together on Misfits they had a great run at worlds, and I could tell that they had great synergy.

We wanted them both and it turned out that they both had a strong desire to play with one another again. Making it happen was the first step to completing our goal in 2020. Ignar is also a great fit with Turtle, together they’ll bring the aggression that we were lacking around bottom side as we aim to be a more dynamic team."

FlyQuest have everything in order and have positioned themselves to send Turtle back to Worlds yet again, but this time on the other side of the camera. They've set themselves up to bend the rules of the all powerful NARAM, and if they do, could represent NA well in an international competition as MSF did a couple years ago. 

Lastly, PowerOfEvil also mentioned he is, "getting tired of the NA trash talk." He said even if FlyQuest somehow doesn't make it to Worlds, he hopes "that at least one NA team will show a good performance on the International Stage." But of course, who better to do that than the FlyQuest squad themselves? 

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What do you think about their new roster? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below! 

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