[G-Star 2019] This is Market INVEN!


INVEN has been participating at G-Star for a long time, through various ways. We’ve always shown you what it’s like on-site, and for production on various competition. However, we’ve never hosted a booth. The Market INVEN team had a small booth last year, but it was very small.


However, this year was different. INVEN finally had a sizable booth. With 60 booths set up, we’ve participated in various ways with participants. Through the main stage, the experience zone, and Market INVEN, we’ve provided variety to all the visitors.


Although we were initially worried that we would fail, fortunately, the response was massive. Especially when Bokyem and Feng Timo took the main stage, things became really busy really fast. With bigger plans for next year, let us proudly introduce the 2019 G-Star INVEN booths.



01. Main Stage

With influencers such as Bokyem, Feng Timo, Ddahyoni, Looksam, and Jinsoo!


Many games were played on the main stages, which include Hearthstone, Overwatch, Call of Duty Mobile, Archeage, and the highly anticipated game, Legends of Runeterra. With the help of many influencers, we were able to smoothly showcase what we’ve prepared. When Bokyem and Feng Timo took the stage, there were so many people that it was almost like a K-pop concert.

▲This is the main stage!
Familiar casters, who are usually found on cell phone screens come to life.
”The Assassin Guru”, Caster Choi...
From big to small events,
the events were endless on the main stage.
Hearthstone was still very popular.

The “$500,000 Man”, Jinsoo...

Overwatch is also a popular game that you can’t forget.
Miro, who looks cheerful as ever.
YongBongTang, who’s sitting as a player, not a caster!
Many people showed up to watch famous gamers.
▲ Dance break with cute Archeage characters!
With it, a lot of prizes were given out as well.
Youtuber ‘Bokyem’, who has an incredible fanbase
Feng Timo visited the INVEN booth as well.
▲ Yo!
Bokyem and Feng Timo enjoyed their time with the audience by playing Call of Duty Mobile.
Famous Hearthstone players took the stage to play Legends of Runeterra.
There were a lot of people.
Safety first, everyone!
The finale with Feng Timo!


02. The Experience Zone

Experiencing the mobile games and various gaming gear.


The focus of the Experience Zone was on mobile games and gaming gear. With CoD Mobile at the center, 443’s newest game title, to be released in Korea, and the Guardian Project was showcased as well. For the gaming gear, AMD, WDC and HyperX was part of our booth, and visitors were able to experience the various gears that were showcased.


The HyperX Gaming Gear Experience Zone
It’s full of the latest gear.
Our reporter’s not exactly doing his job...
The solution for high spec games, WDC!!
There were various events as well.
▲The CoD Mobile Experience Zone
Many fans are focused in the game.
With a famous Youtuber, TesterHoon
The Great Library also visited the Experience Zone and enjoyed the games.
▲ Various events that allowed visitors to collect stamps and win prizes.
▲ They took place all over the Experience Zone.
▲ 'Hurry up and give it to me!!'
'Hurry up and take it!'
The INVEN Experience zone, with various events and things to experience.
Please take it!


03. Market INVEN

Not only Blizzard and Riot, but also Marvel Comics!


The popularity of the Market INVEN was incredible. There was a variety of merchandise, some of which include goods from Blizzard and Riot Games. For a passionate gamer, this was hard to pass. Even the League of Legends pro gamer, Kim ‘Wadid’ Bae-in stood in line to take a look around Market INVEN. The K/DA keyboard pad and the newest merchandise, Star Guardian Soraka figurine was the most popular.


▲ Market INVEN, which came back bigger than ever!
It looks a lot cooler than last year.
Mercy stands tall.
▲ It was full of goods from various comics.
Definitely Not Kennen
Can’t forget about the goods from LoL.
▲ Mmm... Mint chocolate...
Actually, it’s Star Guardian Soraka.
Market INVEN suddenly became full of visitors.
▲ ’Can you buy this for me?’

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