[Guide] What is Stun in Legends of Runeterra?


There are many cards in Legends of Runeterra, and each have their own stats and effects to make them unique. It can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the card game genre, to learn all these effects. That’s why we’re dissecting all the keywords in a series of guides. In this one we’re taking a look at Stun.


If you want to guarantee that an enemy unit doesn’t participate in the combat phase, Stunning them is the best way to do it. If a unit is on the board, ready to attack or block, and it gets stunned, it gets sent back to the bench—not to the owner’s hand. If an enemy is on the bench already, Stunning them simply prevents them from blocking or attacking in the same round.


Stun is a powerful tool, and one that’s very difficult to play against because there are very few tools to directly counter it. The Ionian card Deny can block any spell or skill that’s about to Stun, but other regions don’t have a similar ability. A workaround is by using Recall to withdraw a unit, and then play it again, though it’ll cost you a bit of mana. Below, we’ve listed a few cards that either Stun or work with the mechanic.


Whether you suffer from arachnophobia or not, the Arachnoid Sentry doesn’t care. If you’re willing to spend three mana, the spider creeps up to anyone to give a swift Stun. With such a powerful effect attached to it, of course Arachnoid Sentry’s stats aren’t going to be very impressive. Paying three mana for a unit with three attack and two health isn’t fantastic, but when timed right, it can massively swing a turn around.


That’s right, Yasuo’s half-brother has joined the fray, and he works excellently with his younger sibling. Yone, Windchaser is one of the most powerful late game cards. Paying seven mana for a unit with six attack power and six health isn’t horrible, and he’ll be able to take out the majority of enemies. But Yone flexes with his ability: he Stuns not one, but two enemies. It’s both a massive shield against potential incoming damage, and a big lock on your opponent’s board if you’re going for an offensive push.


Although Fae Bladetwirler doesn’t Stun enemies itself, the card has exceptional synergy with the mechanic. At first, it’s a mere 1/3 for two mana. Not terrible, but far from great. Once you get the Stuns (and Recalls) rolling, though, it grows quickly. The buff applied to Fae Bladetwirler is permanent, and with its Quick Attack ability the little yordle can eventually take out far more expensive enemies in combat.


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