[NASG 2019] Meet Team Infernal and see who is most likely to be signed.

The group stage is through and the seeds are set. Mountain topped the group with Ocean in second, and those will play in the 2019 NASG Finals. Cloud and Infernal grabbed third and fourth seed respectively and will play the first series of the day in the third place match.

All matches will be streamed Saturday, November 16th, starting at noon, and will be capped off with a draft to end the event. Each LCS org will have an opportunity to draft a player for exclusive negotiation rights in reverse order of the standings from Summer Split (including Gauntlet). 


Meet the Team!

Here are your 2019 NASG Team Infernal players! There are stats and other player information on Mobalytics, who partnered with Riot Games for the Honda Scouting Grounds event, but here's a small breakdown of these players' styles, as well as their favorite champs. 

TOP - MistyStumpey

Ian "MistyStumpey" Alexander is a strong laner who doesn't ask for resources, neither in game nor in draft. If he has a strong matchup, he looks to win lane solo, just checking for enemy jungler position. If the set up requires focus on bot side, he plays weak side with the intent to keep up in farm and keep his enemy off the turret. 

Misty is perhaps the strongest individual on the team, and has a great liklihood to receive some offers after the event. Keep an eye on this guy! Follow him on Twitter @mistystumpey.


JUNGLE - Winston

Winston "Winston" Herold is the Team Infernal jungler, whose primary style is to play through lanes. While some junglers look to invade, power farm, etc., Winston likes to secure his lanes first, then see how the team can use their prio to assist him in jungle plays and objective secures. 

Follow him on Twitter @winstonleague.


MID - 5fire

Aidan Joseph "5fire" Reckamp is an extremely aggro player, always looking to blow his flash for a kill and catch the opponent off guard. When the coaches give him feedback, he makes sure he can create the same situation in the next game to try and apply what he learned. Mostly, though, he just wants a carry champ to win the lane to be a strong presence on the map.

Follow him @5fireleague.


BOT - EvanRL

Evan "EvanRL" Lawson is a go with the flow type of player. Similar to MistyStumpey, he also doesn't ask for draft priority, he just wants a pick that will work with the team comp well. He is a Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi-like player, happy to play weakside and join fights later when his team is strong. Also, check his Heimerdinger stats.  :)

Follow him @EvanrlLoL.


SUPPORT - Gweiss

Garrett "Gweiss" Weiss role-swapped from jungle, and that's definitely reflected in his playstyle. He likes to be on playmaking supports that can roam and be a strong presence in a teamfight. Often on Nautilus and Blitz, he spends a lot of time dipping into river with Winston and helping give 5fire pressure and threatening for a full rotation or invade. 

Follow him @gweisslol.

Check out the team in their final series starting at noon PST. It will be streamed by Riot Games and takes place in their studio. Got the LCS Blues? Come watch the next generation of players in their first on-stage match! 

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