[G-Star 2019] INVEN has Successfully Entered G-Star! A Preview of How G-Star 2019 Looks Like

When the cold weather arrives, Korea’s #1 international game festival, G-Star, greets fans each year. Starting from Nov. 14th, the great journey begins at Bexco, Busan. G-Star 2019, which is until Nov. 17th, not only are PC, mobile, and indie games are being showcased, but also a variety of gaming gear awaits.


With only a day before G-Star 2019 starts, we made a quick visit on-site. Many were busy setting up booths, and special guests were also busy rehearsing for their presentation. In order to quelch the curiosity behind G-Star, we took a look around to give fans a small preview of what G-Star 2019. Let’s take a look, shall we?


G-Star is again held in Busan this year! What will it look like the day before opening?


Brawl Stars’ outdoor booths greets fans first!



Let’s take a look inside G-Star. The first thing awaits is the INVEN booth!


Hearthstone Arena, Call of Duty, ‘Welcome to Overwatch’ Show, Legends of Runeterra.


And a collaboration with ArcheAge! A variety of events awaits.


You can meet Bokyem and Feng Timo at the INVEN booth on Saturday!


The flower of INVEN booths, Market INVEN!


▲ It’ll be full of gaming gear and goods very soon.


▲‘Let’s Just Slack…’


▲ Please make sure to experience it at the INVEN booth~


The IGG booth, known for their game, Lords Mobile.


Busy, Busy.


Wow! Ratropolis! It’s super fun!


At the Gravity booth. Kafra Models...


▲ And Poring shaped cotton candy awaits.


Pearl Abyss returns! They announced a bunch of new titles this year.


Netmarble booth is again, huge this year.


We found Epic Games as well.


▲ We’ll provide an in-depth look of the booths soon~


 Supercell came with Brawl Stars!


▲ Roar!


Tick lost his head! Overall, the Brawl Stars booth was super cute.


The AfreecaTV booth is bigger than last year.



You can test play Legends of Runeterra here as well.



Krafton, who announced a rebranding at last year’s G-Star, is back this year!


▲ A variety of games awaits at the Changu Stargate.


The Google Play booth, which will have a lot of special guests...
▲ And the LG booth, with a ton of gaming gear! Much anticipation awaits tomorrow.


Shall we take a look at Exhibition Center 2, where IGC will be held?
This year’s IGC is in collaboration with G-Star.


It’s back with a bigger line-up of lecturers.





▲ Meticulously preparing for the audience until the end.


 Everything is set. All that’s left is to enjoy G-Star! See you tomorrow~

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