[Worlds 2019] PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY: Team Liquor - A Worlds Finals drinking game

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship Finals is set to start in less than two hours with China's FunPlus Phoenix and Europe's G2 Esports facing off in Paris, France for the title of LoL World Champion.  24 teams entered Worlds 2019, and only two teams remain, leaving the rest of the world as humble onlookers as the LPL and LEC meet for the second consecutive Worlds Final.

North American fans have become used to this specific view on the Worlds Finals given that an NA team has never made a Worlds Final, but surprisingly, South Korea finds itself entirely eliminated before the final for the second year in a row. 

Fortunately for all eliminated regions, major or otherwise, Inven Global has come up with a way to lament the loss of your favorite team ceremoniously while watching the Final, complete with references to failures of NA past to hammer home the feeling of international inferiority. 

NA fans, you know where to sit. KR faithful, pull up a chair — the sidelines of Worlds 2019 will be watching in style. All participating parties: PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

▲ photo by Michal Konkol

Team Liquor: Rules


Drink Once :
1st Elemental Drake is secured
1st Blood is secured 
1st Brick [1st tower is destroyed]
anytime a Baron Nashor/Elder Dragon/Inhibitor is secured
Triple Kill
Scuttle Crab/Buff Steal
Crowd chants TSM


Drink Twice:
A Drake of a repeating element appears
The Rift Herald is used to secure a tower
Elder Dragon is secured
Dragon is stolen by the opposing team
Baron Nashor is stolen by the opposing team
Top laner gets a kill while being ganked
Quadra Kill
Clean ace 5-0


Finish Drink:
Mid laner dies with Zhonya’s active up
Top Laner gets both kills when ganked
Bot Laner dies with Flash Up

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