[Worlds 2019] FPX pre-final press conference — Doinb: "G2 only defeated SKT because of luck. If G2 met us in the Quarter Finals, they wouldn't have been able to progress to the Semi Finals."

The LPL could take another League of Legends World Championship title home this year. After Invictus Gaming it is now up to the young FunPlus Phoenix roster to take the Summoner's Cup back home. They'll have to defeat hometown favorites G2 in Paris though, in the first clash of these teams in history.

Today both teams gave a press conference and looked forward to the grand final on Sunday. Below is the transcript of FunPlus Phoenix's press conference.


To Crisp: Mikyx said last week that he considered you the best support in the tournament/in the world right now. How do you rate him?

Crisp: I think he's a very good support player. Maybe he didn't play the first few games quite well, but if he can adapt I feel like he's very competitive, and he would put a lot of pressure on me.


To Doinb: You and G2 both love to roam around the maps. Do you think this free-flowing, uncaged style is the future of League of Legends?

Doinb: I'm not sure how to put this. It might be because both midlaners of FPX and G2 really like to roam around, and a lot of other teams will try to learn from our style.


To Tian: What do you think about your direct opponent, Jankos, going into the finals? What do you fear most, and where do you have an edge over him?

Tian: I think Jankos is a more aggressive European player, and his champions are very offensive. As for my advantages: I don't really know where they lie.


To Lwx: You'll be playing against Perkz, who role-swapped from midlaner to AD Carry. What are your thoughts about going up against him? And what do you think about the Kai'Sa vs Xayah matchup, who's better to play currently?

Lwx: As for going against Perkz: Since I haven't played against him before, I'm not really sure how the match-up will go. As for Kai'Sa versus Xayah: I feel like Kai'Sa actually had the advantage in previous patches, but this time at Worlds the Kai'Sa seems to troll a lot. It has made the laning phase very difficult.



To Doinb: You are the Kled king, and G2's Wunder has played Kled in this tournament as well. Do you think Kled will be played in the final, maybe by you or by G2?

Doinb: I'm not sure G2 would dare to let my Kled open, in the finals.


To Doinb: You have the title 'Super Carry Doinb'. Do you think you have lived up to that title so far, and is there perhaps another level, an even higher form of you that we're going to see in the finals?

Doinb: I hope everyone can pay attention in the finals. I have been in very good form recently.


To Doinb: Have you expected that you and your team can reach the finals?  

Doinb: I didn't think, before coming to Worlds, that we would have such a good result, because all the teams participating at Worlds played very well. I think it was because of the meta fitting us, so you could say it was pretty lucky.


To Doinb: Both you guys and G2 love to trashtalk. Last week Wunder said that G2-SKT was the real final, and that you guys will get a reality check this Sunday. How would you like to respond to that?

Doinb: G2 only defeated SKT because of luck. If G2 met us in the Quarter Finals, they wouldn't have been able to progress to the Semi Finals.


To Doinb: You had an exchange on Twitter with Perkz, about your hotel rooms. He isn't here today. Did you play a part in that?

Doinb: I think Perkz is not here today because I might have affected him. We sleep right next door, and I was very loud yesterday. Before I went to bed I sang for him, and it might have affected him.



Could every player give the champion they would pick for the champion skin, if you guys win?

Crisp: I want to take Pyke, because I heard G2 really likes it. So I'll pick Pyke for them.

Tian: I want Elise.

GimGoon: I don't know, I'll think about it afterwards.

Doinb: I want two champions, because I play so many champions. Probably Pantheon or Ryze.

Lwx: I would prefer Kai'Sa or Vayne.

Xinyi: I would prefer Rek'Sai.


(To Warhorse) Among G2 players, Who can threat your team the most on the finals?

Warhorse: I think G2's threat doesn't come from a single player, but it comes from the entire team. They have a more holistic approach to the game, just like us. It's not about focussing a single player, it's about focussing on their playstyle.


To WarHorse: The experience difference between FPX and G2 is gigantic, especially on stages like this, with the huge European crowd behind the G2 team. What will be different for you and your team's preparation going into that stadium on Sunday, to make sure that nerves won't get in the way?

WarHorse: I think this question is quite funny. If you look at G2's record, they've actually lost a lot of international games. Our record internationally is actually better than theirs. I think, if we can just prepare normally, we can defeat G2.


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