[Worlds 2019] Group Stage Day 2 MVP - Clid

Day 2 of this Worlds Group Stage brought some incredibly exciting games. SKT and RNG started off the day, two teams that could easily be picked to win the whole series. Liquid matched against IG in

an MSI rematch. And G2 and Griffin started off for Group A, answering questions about how those teams would fare in these best of ones. 

The most exciting game had to be the first, though. In an incredibly back and forth game, the two giants traded blows in what ended up being an SKT victory. While each member did their fare share of carrying (and throwing), Kim "Clid" Tae-min had some clutch game saving plays and ultimately deserves the most accolades for their victory. 


As is to be expected from the Korean jungler, Clid constantly put himself in the right place at the right time. His ults won them fights, and his smite finger was swift. He didn't boast the most impressive KDA of the day, but he provided exactly what weas needed of him for his team to take the win.

▲ Image Source Riot Games 


In the closing moments, SKT went for a backdoor, sending Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok to solo shove the top lane. Clid was vital in his team's defense in the temporary 4v5, and made time for Faker to shove in to RNG's base and create chaos. Then, when the rest of SKT teleported to join him in the push, Clid and Lee "Effort" Sang-ho chased 2v4 to stop the backs and ensure an SKT victory. 


Why is There a Cat in My Game

As we all know, cats get in the way when we game. Always. When you load up a game of League with your cat in your room, there is a 100% chance it will end up on your keyboard attempting to blow your flash before even exiting the base. 

So why - WHY - is there a cat in our game? 

Riot has perfectly captured the essence of Annoying Cat, and boiled it down to the most toxic piece of Yordle since Teemo was released in the literal alpha phase. Yuumi wreaked havoc across multiple games today, plaguing the NA region in two of three. Yuumi is constantly dealing the most damage on her team, gets an extra combat summoner, heals everyone, and never dies. 

However toxic and unhealthy it is, the cat definitely had a crucial role in multiple comps today, and we should expect more counters to come through as the Worlds meta continues developing. Group Stage Day 2 brings sadness, but we can hope for a counter coming soon. 

▲ Sorry you had to see this

Please share with us your ideas on how to beat the cat on our Twitter or the comments below. Group Stage Day 3 needs your help. 

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