[Worlds 2019] DWG Nuclear: "Coach Kim told us that the real start of Worlds is from groups."

On the 7th, DAMWON Gaming took down Lowkey Esports in day 1 of the play-in knockout stages. Although Lowkey Esports took a surprise victory in game 1 against the LCK powerhouses, DAMWON took the next 3 games as a landslide, and became the first team to punch their ticket into the group stages of the 2019 LoL World Championship.


The captain and the bot laner for DAMWON, Sin 'Nuclear' Jeong-hyeon joined Laure Valée in the post-game interview to share his thoughts about the match and the group stages.

Image Source: Riot Games


Congratulations on making into the group stages. How does it feel to proudly represent the LCK alongside SKT and Griffin?


As a newly joined team in the LCK, I’m incredibly proud, happy and honored to play alongside such incredible teams.



How do you think your team compares to SKT and Griffin?


It’s hard to compare, because all three teams have unique strengths, I think that our strength is that our games are really fun to watch from a spectative point of view.

Did you expect Lowkey Esports to be such a challenge today?


We were expecting a 3-0 victory, but we played really poorly in the first game, so there was a lot of feedback from our coach. Because of it, I think we played better from game 2.



In each interview, you say that you’ve played worse than usual. Would you say that underperformance is a weakness of yours?


No, it’s more like something that we have to work on, kind of like homework.

How do you predict you’ll do in the group stages?


Coach Kim told us that the real start of Worlds is from the group stages. Right now, since we don’t even know which group we’ll be seeded into, I have no idea. Once we do know which group we’re in, then we’ll be able to predict how we’ll do.

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