Edward on Beating Clutch Gaming: "It especially feels good to beat an NA team."

On the 4th, Unicorns of Love took down Clutch Gaming for the 2nd time in the group stages. Although Clutch had a strong start early game by invading the enemy jungle and having a great early game, Unicorns executed their unique team comp with much more fluidity and was able to come back from behind. 

Edward was interviewed in both the LCK and the Riot Games Channel, so the following are his words from both.

Image Source: LoL Esports Youtube Channel


The following is the interview from the LCK stream.


How does it feel to defeat Clutch Gaming for the 2nd time?

I feel great that there’s a higher chance for us to move onto the next stage as 1st place, and it especially feels good to beat an NA team.

Your bot lane was very unique. How did the picks come through?


AP bot lanes are really strong right now. Not just Heimerdinger, but Syndra and Veigar can also be picked bot lane. We knew that we could permapush our lane without thinking about jungle pressure, and since Clutch tried to snowball the solo lanes, we were able to execute our bot lane.

You’ve had a hard time during the early game, so how were you able to come back from the deficit?


Our early game deficit was not because we played badly, but CG took advantage of our weakness. CG prepared well. However, despite losing both of our buffs, there were other camps and objectives in lane, so we used that to come back from the early game deficit.

The following is the interview from the Riot Games English channel.


The draft was very confusing, and it seemed that your team comp didn’t have priority in the early  game. What was your game plan?

They prepared well and punished us early. They invaded blue and it was hard for our jungler to play the game. We knew that TF couldn’t ult bot lane because of our picks. Around 15 minutes, when Damonte ulted bot lane, our bot lane just killed one of their players and just ran. It worked out according to plan.  

You wanted to help out AHaHaCiK, but you accidentally took the Krugs. What happened?


I’ve told AHaHaCiK that if I use E, I might steal it, but he said it’s okay.

When I’ve talked to the coach from CG, he said that he wasn’t expecting anything special. What’s your response to his claim?


We had two scrims before group draws. One was versus Clutch, and the other was versus Mammoth. They knew some of our picks, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t surprising for them, but it was definitely surprising for fans.



Mammoth beat you guys in Round 1, and you have a chance to get revenge. What did you learn from them in your first game, and how are you going to beat them this time?


We learn that if we don’t make proactive plays, then they’re good at stabilizing the game. Although they make mistakes, it’s hard to punish them. Just being proactive around the map and punish their mistakes is our game plan. 

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