[Cartoon] “Stay with me!” The Sudden Changes in the LCK Coaching Staff Before Worlds

Today’s Cartoon is about the sudden absence of the coaching staff with the LCK teams right before the 2019 LoL World Championships, and the fans’ anxiety to such news.

Worlds is just about to start. Any news with regards to the players, coaching staff, and even the organization can cause a lot of anxiety to the fans. Then, LCK fans were in for a shock, as on the 26th, Team Griffin has mutually parted ways with their head coach, cvMax, and that the head coach for DAMWON Gaming is unable to attend the play-in stages due to health issues.

Everyone around the world is worried about Griffin. Former head coach cvMax is an iconic figure that promoted a team in Challengers Korea all the way to Worlds. He’s also distinguished for not only taking part in management, but also playing an active role in the team’s draft, so many eyes are on the team to see how their draft will change. Obviously, no one knows whether it’ll have a positive or a negative impact on the team, but to a team that was always considered a force to be reckoned with, many fans are worried about this change. Although there was no proper explanation for this sudden change, the reality is that it happened right before Worlds, and fans are angry and anxious.

DAMWON also announced that their head coach, Micro, will not be attending. Because of health issues, it was certain that Micro will be at least missing the play-in stages. However, coach Kim Jeong-soo has always been in charge of the in-game aspects of the team, so the absence of their head coach won’t have as much impact as to Griffin. However, since it’s DAMWON’s first Worlds attendance, and the fact that they have a longer journey in the tournament also raised some concerns amongst the fans.

Because of these strings of sudden news, the atmosphere within the LCK looks a little shaken up. However, all the fans can do is to hope that the players be able to play to their fullest, without any outside influence affecting them. Starting from the ‘Bloody’ group draws, a sudden contract termination, and the absence of a head coach, the 2019 LoL World Championships looks to be a bumpy road from the get-go.

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