[Cartoon] The Little Drama Started by Jiizuke… How does it look for each group?

Today’s cartoon is about the 2019 LoL World Championship Group Draw.


The Group Draw for Worlds 2019 has happened, which brought up hype and concerns. The fate of the teams in groups has been decided by the hands of Vitality’s mid laner, Jiizuke. Although there’s still one team for each group to be decided, it’s already like a preview for a drama.


Group A is a mysterious matchup. First, there’s this team that’s really amazing and extremely unpredictable, G2 Esports. Following G2, there’s Griffin who’s a rookie to international tournaments (except for Rift Rivals). There wouldn’t be a better stage than Worlds to recover from the devastating loss at the LCK final and Rift Rivals, their first international stage. However, Griffin went through a huge change just prior to Worlds as they parted ways with cvMax who controlled many things like the draft as the head coach; their future became more unpredictable. And last but not least, there’s Cloud9, who may be less highlighted than the first two teams but are very consistent as returning semifinalists at Worlds.


In Group B, China is smiling. FunPlus Phoenix has been having a marvelous year playing around Doinb. FPX won the summer championship in the LPL and is being evaluated as one of the favorites in this tournament. The other two teams in Group B are rather underdogs; J Team of LMS and GAM Esports of VCS. It seems very likely for FPX to make it through, making the phrase, ‘life should be like Doinb’s’ more viable.


The highlight of the draw is Group C. The traditionally decorated teams from three of the four major regions gathered in one group: SK Telecom T1, Fnatic, and RNG. All three teams have experienced at least a runner-up finish at Worlds and have the largest fandoms around the world. Although RNG had stuttered during the summer and Fnatic suffered an unfortunate loss at the finals, they both would still be a threat to SKT, the winningest team at Worlds. It is still necessary to consider that the group stage is in Bo1s, and that SKT is stronger in Bo3/Bo5s.


Team Liquid and Invictus Gaming stick out in Group D. Team Liquid has dominated the LCS for the past two years and wouldn’t be daunted by former world champions, iG. Obviously, iG is still a strong team, but they had a rockier road getting to this Worlds compared to last year. It is true that Team Liquid took down iG in the semifinals at the MSI; iG would be seeking revenge. Aside from these two teams, ahq e-Sports of LMS would be feeling the pressure.


The result of the group draw for Worlds is bringing the hype up for many fans around the world. Soon, the perfect scenario for the drama will be prepared as the remaining teams are decided from the Play-ins. Which group will be the ‘group of death’? And what unexpected events will occur? With two weeks to go to the main stage, worldwide fans await to be thrilled once again.

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