Intel World Open will bring Rocket League and Street Fighter V to Tokyo for 2020 Olympic Games

Intel will be sponsoring the Intel World Open, a $500,000 event that will take place in Tokyo, Japan as part of the 2020 Olympic Games. The prize pool will be divided evenly between the two esports, and both competitions will feature nation-based teams and take place in the days leading up to the Olympics. 

National teams for each country competing in the Intel World Open will have roster formed through domestic online qualifiers early next year. The formed national teams will then compete for a live qualifying even in Katowice, Poland in June. The final seven teams left standing at the end of the tournament will qualify for the main event in Tokyo, which will be held in Zepp DiverCity in Tokyo from July 22, 2020 to July 24, 2020.

Rocket League and SFV may seem like peculiar choices in place of a game with the global popularity of League of Legends or the cash cow that competitive Fortnite has become over the past year. However, Street Fighter has been around for decades and is the most iconic 2D fighter, and Rocket League, to the untrained eye,  can be described as 'soccer, but with cars instead of people.' 

Not only are both games easy to comprehend to the non-endemic esports viewer, but both games lend themselves to a far more accessible level of comprehension than Riot Games' MOBA or Epic Games' battle royale mega-hit. Both SFV and Rocket League are extremely entertaining spectator esports that are founded on basic, consistent building blocks that should help bridge the gap between the esports fan and the non-endemic spectators of the Olympics.

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