2 days after increasing the odds of getting a legendary in Dota Underlords, Valve decreases them again

Valve has swiftly addressed a big change they implemented merely two days ago. After experimenting with the percentages of being offered a Tier 5 unit—a change made to shake up the "3 - 3 Star meta"—the legendary units will be offered considerably less again. They're not even back to their original offer percentages, but occur even less.

Reason for this quick adjustments is the fast meta shift to an 'all Tier 5' meta. Given the power level of the precious Tier 5's people were replacing a coherent build they'd reached the late game with, with whichever Tier 5 unit showed up. Needless to say, this goes against the entire philosophy of strategic buying and selling.

Valve rounds off the topic saying: "We have some ideas internally on what we want to do with Tier 5 units now, and the community's chatter has helped us refine how we think about these pieces. Hopefully we can have another iteration on them very soon."


The full percentage adjustments can be seen below.


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