High tier Dota Underlords units will appear more often at higher levels

Earlier this week Dota Underlords' developers explained their plans for the forseeable future of the game, stating that they were focussing on the bigger picture for the time being. However, the Dota Underlords developers wouldn't be the Dota Underlords developers if they didn't have something for us in store after all, albeit small.

A patch has gone live which addresses some bugs and adds a couple of Quality of Life features. But more importantly, it has changed a couple of rules to the hero shop. Juggernaut is now a Tier 3 hero and will be more difficult to obtain in the early game. Interestingly enough he's not receiving a damage buff, though his ultimate ability will now trigger more easily: when there's 1 unit in range he'll start to spin, compared to 2 units needed in range prior to the patch.

Secondly, the distribution of high tier heroes now favors players at higher levels more than it did already. You'll still have to buy your way up to level 8 to have a shot at acquiring Tier 5 units, but rather than having a 1% you'll have a 5% chance of finding one. A pretty significant increase. For a full overview of the new distribution, check out the table below:

Full patch notes:


  • Crashes? Smashed.
  • Fixed some iOS devices playing audio at a higher pitch.
  • More FX optimization and improvement.


  • Mana bar changes color when unit reaches full mana.
  • Added callout to Achievements tab when there are unclaimed achievements.
  • Added "Finding a match" indicator to the play button when in the queue.
  • Level-up button in shop now, on hover, previews XP increase from buying XP.
  • For Lords of White Spire: when starting a game, preview the MMR you'd gain from coming in first and lose from coming in eighth.
  • Misc UI improvements.


  • Adjusted hero tier distribution curves. Tier 4 and 5 pieces are somewhat more common at high levels (chart at the bottom of these notes).
  • Increased Tier 4 hero pool to 20 per hero.
  • XP is now given before the shop refreshes at the start of the round. If you gain a level at the end of a round, your shop for the next round is now based off that new level.
  • Shop refreshes no longer use the blacklist mechanic. Only user-initiated shop refreshes (i.e. rerolls, free and paid) use the blacklist mechanic.



  • Doom's Doom now disables the Brawny health buff.


  • Now Tier 3.
  • Blade Fury now activates if there is at least 1 enemy in range (was 2 enemies).

Shadow Shaman

  • Voodoo will no longer be cast on an already-hexed enemy.

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