SKT Faker & Blank: "We'd like to keep up the good work and participate in many tournaments"

Sanghyeok “Faker” Lee and Sungu “Blank” Kang said they’ll keep up the good work this year.

On January 22 (local time), SKT T1 decisively defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-0 in the second matchup of Day 5 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Gangnam Nexon Arena. Kongdoo’s performance was admirable but SKT’s plays were near-perfect. After substituting in Set 2, Blank showed considerably improved form from last year, while Faker was being, well, Faker.



Below is the post-match interview with Faker and Blank.

How do you feel about getting the second victory in the season?

Faker: Although we won today, I personally feel things could have gone better. I’d like to keep improving my plays.

Blank: It feels good to win my debut match of the season. The results were good, so I’m satisfied.

Do you think Lee Sin climbed down a few tiers?

Blank: I think Lee Sin is a universally decent pick, one that can be used regardless of win rates. I don’t believe there are inherent issues with the champion itself. He’s probably in the similar tier with Kha’Zix.

Thoughts about your first game of the season?

Blank: It felt fresh. I got nervous when I was inside the booth. Once the game started, though, I wasn’t nervous anymore and everything just worked out.

Are you stressed about competing for the starter spot?

Blank: I think competition has more upsides than downsides. We learn from each other, discuss strategies, and discover new things.

You’ve been on Katarina a lot. What are some of her strengths?

Faker: Katarina can be effective depending on the pilot. Although she struggles against some champions, she’s still a solid pick. She’s a strong in lane and, as you know, she’s potent in the right hands.

Since Huni acclimated to the team quite well, do you think he can play something aggressive?

Faker: If drafting aggressive champions is what it takes to win, we’re ready to draft the appropriate type of picks. Huni played much better than I expected, so he surprised me, too.

Blank: I was an acquaintance with Huni and have always thought he played well. I was pretty close to him when he was in Korea three years ago.

How did the implementation of 10-ban system affect your draft?

Faker: It hasn’t changed from the first to third picks. Different champions are prioritized in the first few picks because of the new meta. Since there are two more bans, one must have a wider champion pool, which helps me in some ways.

Blank: I don’t think nothing major has changed. It’s the same case with other teams as well. There are certain unwritten rules. If bans increase, there’ll also be suitable picks along with counters, contributing to diversity in draft.

What do you think about your next matchup against ROX Tigers?

Faker: I think ROX Tigers are taking exactly after the old Afreeca. We had a hard time against their play style, but I think we can still win if I do well.

Blank: ROX seems like a team that has better teamwork than any other teams, so I’m keeping an eye on them.

Any last words you’d like to say?

Faker: We’d like to keep up the good work and participate in many tournaments this year. I won’t let you down in the Spring Season.

Blank: It was my first game of the season today. I’ll show good plays next time as well, and thank you for cheering us on

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