[Cartoon] "As good as Garen can get" - LEC Fnatic Brings First Win for Garen


Today’s cartoon is about the innovative attempts and pics of LEC and Garen’s first win in the major leagues.

Garen finally got his first win. Of course, it’s not the first time ever, but it’s his first win in what’s considered a ‘major tournament’. Compared to the rather weak Garen of G2, which was rather something for fans to enjoy seeing, Fnatic attempted a more strategical approach with Garen, and actually won with him.

There always have been compliments towards LEC’s unique attempts in interpreting the meta. As experiments are meaningful when successful, the ‘meta’ in League of Legends depends heavily on the results. When the EU region didn’t have successful results, the evaluations towards their unique meta and style were limited at ‘innovative’ or ‘fun to watch’. However, now that the LEC has brought home great results in international tournaments, their experimental strategies are worth more analyzing than before.

With that atmosphere going around in the League of Legends scene, Garen appeared in the LEC, and by winning, it was proved that he can actually be useful in certain situations. Due to Garen’s extremely symbolic image, Rekkles and Hylissang, who picked and supported Garen, were acknowledged of their prowess. Fnatic and LEC also were acknowledged of their experimental spirit and efforts, and their great sense of humor as well.

Of course, chances of seeing Garen again are extremely low. However, now that Garen appeared in an official match in a major league, we’ll never know what nonmainstream champion would appear in the many regions. There are so many champions that are being experimented that we don’t see; we can be surprised at any time through ways that we’ve never imagined before. And that would be one of the main strengths and potential that LEC has.

Many champions are being reworked and returning in a stronger form. The champions that were in the shadows are waiting for their turns. I hope more of these champions can appear in official tournaments and shine as Garen did, and hopefully, we can see that happen in international stages for some surprises.

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